Rosebud Salves

My biggest beauty obsessions are lip products. Lipgloss, lipsticks and balms make me a very happy girl. I have quite an unnecessary collection of lip balms, or at least Jon thinks I do. I think I need them all. Because, well, because…I just need them!

Even though I run out and buy all the newest lip products as soon as they hit stores because I just have to try them and own them, I always come back to my beloved Rosebud Salves. Here are my thoughts on a few of these.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

This is the original Rosebud Perfume Co. salve and is the most popular of the products. Celebrities and make-up artists rave about this multi-use salve. I love this one. It has a pretty rose color but goes on clear and shiny. It makes a fantastic lip gloss, a soothing balm and it’s also a great cuticle treatment. I put this on on my elbows and any other dry skin patches as well. The product claims to be great for diaper rash, burns and blemishes too. I just got a new one from Walgreens for only $3.99.

Smith’s Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm & Moisturizer

This salve has a heavenly strawberry shortcake smell. I love that it smells like dessert but does not actually taste sweet when you are wearing it. I hate lip products that have a sweet flavor. Yuck. It’s a pretty pale pink shade in the tin and goes on clear. The texture is similar to the Rosebud Salve, very smooth. This also makes a great cuticle treatment and moisturizer for any dry skin patches.

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm

This is my favorite of the ones I own. It has the same addictive texture as the Rosebud Salve with the light zing of peppermint. The deep rose color is gorgeous in the tin. It has a bit more color than the others but is still mostly clear on the lips. I use this one only as a lip balm.

Have you tried the Rosebud salves? What are your favorite lip balms you keep coming back to?



9 thoughts on “Rosebud Salves

  1. Love this balm for my cuticles. My husband is also a fan but his all time favorite is Jack Black in mint or lemon. I’m always finding them in the washing machine. Thank goodness for the sturdy screw cap. I can’t live without my Sugar lip balm. I have every color and two of the Rose and “white” moisturizer. It’s the only thing that works for me on a daily basis for this formerly glamorous girl. Well, at least I thought I was! Great Post!

  2. Yes, the Jack Black is so great. I’ve only tried the mint and it’s great. I love the Sugar lip balm in Rose. It’s one of the best products. I’m currently out of it and just need to mentally prep myself for spending about $30 on a lip balm. But it’s so awesome.

  3. Just tried this. Thanks, Arantha! I’m in love. It’s super shiny and feels great. For the amount, I would be willing to fork out $30.

  4. Oh haha. Thanks for clarifying! I’m also a big fan of the Fresh Sugar lip balm–thank you, Sephora, for the free bday gift šŸ˜‰

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