A Sweet Little Surprise in the Mail

Last week I came home to the sweetest little surprise in the mail. My friend Shay, one of my dearest friends in the whole world, sent me a darling little gift to congratulate me on starting my blog. This little cutie pie is always so thoughtful. She sends me hand written cards every once in a while to remind me that she’s thinking of me. She lives in Portland and, as you’ll see in the picture if you click on the above link, she’s on the Portland Trail Blazers Stunt Team. Yea, she’s totally awesome.


She sent me a beautiful card with the most thoughtful message, a Tokyo Milk hand cream in the Dead Sexy fragrance, and a The Balm Girls lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid. Since the gifts she sent are exactly the type of thing I would write about in my blog, I thought this would make a great post. 🙂


I absolutely adore Tokyo Milk. Their Honey & the Moon hand cream is my favorite hand cream ever. I recently ran out and need to get another one ASAP. The Dead Sexy cream Shay gave me smells heavenly. It’s supposed to smell like “Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid, and Ebony.” It definitely has a rich, earthy, sexy smell to it. Tokyo Milk hand creams are extremely moisturizing and high quality. They also make perfumes to match all the hand cream scents. The packaging is always beautiful with all their products. They make candles, diffusers, and lip balms as well.


The Balm Girls lipstick also had really adorable packaging. It’s a James Bond theme. The Mai Billsbepaid color she gave me is a beautiful muted nudish mauve shade with no shimmer. The color didn’t photograph well on my hand or lips so I didn’t include any pictures of those. The lipstick applies well and has decent staying power. It has a bit of a mintiness to it that I really like. It tingles lightly when I’m wearing it.



I highly recommend all Tokyo Milk products and I’m going to try other shades in The Balm Girls lipstick line!

Shay sure knows how to make a friend feel special! I’m so proud and grateful to have her in my life. 🙂

Nail Polish Update! Wearing Essie Absolutely Shore. It’s a pale sea-foam green that’s perfect for Easter.



6 thoughts on “A Sweet Little Surprise in the Mail

  1. Thanks for the sweet post Arantha…. I’m always happy to support you and share your love for fabulous products!!! Love you! 😉

  2. Hey Dev! Yes, you would love Tokyo milk. The company that makes them also makes Lollia, those hand creams from Anthropologie we both really like.

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