Denver Bachelorette Bash!

I have the privilege of being the maid of honor in my friend Devon’s upcoming May wedding and we threw her a bachelorette party this past weekend in Denver. It was a blast!  I wanted to share the details of our trip so we can all look back and remember this meaningful weekend filled with old friends and a celebration of this very special time in Devon’s life.

We landed early on Friday so we headed to the Apaloosa Grill for a round of mimosas since it was too early to check in to our hotel.


After drinks we headed back to the hotel and got dressed up for a night out on the town!  We had a suite at The Curtis, a cute boutique hotel downtown. Every floor has a different theme and ours was Rock n’ Roll.  We all dressed in black dresses and my pretty BFF shined in her gorgeous sequin number.



After a few bottles of champagne in the room, we all headed over to Club Vinyl for some more drinks and dancing.



We found out much later that it was an 18 and over dance club.  LOL.  This would explain the swarm of 19-year-old kids and the fact that we had to wear wristbands in order to get alcohol.  We were easily the oldest group of people there!  Despite the extremely young and rowdy crowd, we had a blast and danced the night away to some great music!



The next morning we were all feeling less than amazing and needed some room service since the thought of going out into the sunlight was too much for most of us.  We ordered toast, coffee, Coca-Cola and ice water, as well as one yogurt parfait for the bachelorette.  The handsome waiter was clearly amused by the order and by the appearance of all of us when he dropped off our food.


After refueling with our hangover breakfast, we headed to Rialto Cafe for brunch.  This is a fabulous restaurant that offers unlimited mimosas for $10.99!  They keep bringing you glasses of champagne and you select the juice you would like from the mimosa bar.  They have a delicious and unique variety of juices, including huckleberry, passion fruit, peach, pomegranate and prickly pear.  Needless to say, we drank our money’s worth.  We stayed for nearly three hours drinking mimosas!



After brunch some of the girls went shopping and others went back to the room for a much needed nap.  We were all wiped out but we pulled ourselves together again for dinner and another night out.  The weather was cold and rainy that night so we skipped dresses and wore blazers and jeans.


We ate a delicious dinner at Red Square Euro Bistro & Vodka Bar.  They have the most amazing vodka that’s infused with natural flavors.  They have a huge variety including mint, honey, strawberry and  grapefruit, as well as some odd ones like garlic and horseradish.  We ordered carafes of mint and strawberry vodka.  It tasted like real mint from the garden and real strawberries.  Our waiter seemed quite fond of us and gave us a free round of pineapple vodka shots as well.  We also sampled the honey vodka.  All of them were delicious.


We were too exhausted after dinner to go dancing so we headed over to The 1UP, an underground arcade bar, for some beer and lemon drops.  It was a very unique, fun place full of old-school arcade games and an interesting variety of people.



We had a late afternoon flight on Sunday so a few of us booked pampering sessions at The Oxford Club before we headed home.  I opted for a massage to ease my aching feet and back from a long weekend of partying!


We all had a fantastic time and we were definitely ready to get home and rest.  I was greeted by this sweet little guy, which made coming home even better!

I’m so honored to have such an important role in Devon’s wedding and I can’t wait for her big day on May 5!  Check out their wedding website here.


11 thoughts on “Denver Bachelorette Bash!

  1. How fun!! I fell like I was there. lo I miss you guys so much. I’m so happy you both got to enjoy this time together. Love you!!

  2. What a great recap of a memorable weekend! This has truly been the best year of my life and I am so thankful to have so many wonderful leading ladies in my life to share this special time with. Thanks Arantha for not only being the President of my wedding but for being my best friend. 🙂

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