New Beauty Find! Long Winter Farm Lip Balm


I am a total lip balm addict and I’m always buying and trying new balms. I only have a few that I keep going back to though. Most lose their novelty for me immediately.

I was playing around on Etsy recently and stumbled across Long Winter Soap Co, an adorable little company ran by one young woman. I was immediately drawn to her curious product names and simple packaging.

When I came across her Unicorn Farts lip balm I knew I had to have it! The odd and whimsical name made me smile and her description was too good to resist (“Smells just exactly like real imaginary unicorn farts! Which smell like spearmint and pink cotton candy, everybody knows that.”) They were sold out so I signed up to be notified when they were available again. In the meantime I did a little googling and her Unicorn Farts are clearly VERY popular! No wonder she is consistently sold out and restocking.

Mine arrived in the mail last week and I eagerly ripped the package open and applied it, preparing myself for disappointment. I just bought it for the name and the scent description after all. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do. I also wasn’t expecting it to be as moisturizing, addicting and heavenly as it is. It has become my go-to lip balm…I’ve been neglecting my beloved Rosebud Salve for this stuff. It’s all natural and packed full of hydrating, delicious goodness. Here’s the ingredient list:

Natural Beeswax, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, & Jojoba Oil, Cocoa & Unrefined Shea Butters, Vitamin E, Flavor Oil

She explains on her site that all her lip balms are made of the same base and the only differences between them are the flavor oils that are added. Because of the pure cocoa butter in the balms there is an underlying cocoa scent in all of them, mixed in with whatever flavor oil you select. She offers a variety of unique and intriguing flavors like Lavender Peach, Cherry Almond, Chai, Chocolate Orange, Vanilla Honey, Cocoa Rose, Yeti Breath (which is supposed to smell like a lemon coconut snowball!), and many more. She has some available on Etsy and more on her own website here.  Her lip balms are reasonably priced at just $4 each.

Unicorn Farts definitely smells of cocoa, which is actually a delicious scent and I don’t even really like chocolate, and it then has some yummy traces of the spearmint and sugary cotton candy. Another fantastic selling point is that while it smells absolutely to die for, there isn’t any sweet flavor when you’re wearing it, only a scent. I hate lip balms that taste like anything and this one only smells delectable.

I also love the fact that this young woman lives in the deep woods of Maine and spends her days hand-making high quality soaps, body creams, perfume oils and lip balms. I think there is something so cozy and cool about that and I intend to continue buying her products to support her business and pamper myself. I suggest you do the same! You can find her on Twitter and Facebook too!

9 thoughts on “New Beauty Find! Long Winter Farm Lip Balm

    • I know!!! You will have to let me know how the scents you ordered are. I’m sure they are as heavenly as the one I have!

  1. LOL Hattie! I know, it is a rediculous, gross and adorable name. You will seriously LOVE the lip balm. She was sold out last time I checked but she has a lot of other scents available. It’s the most amazing lip balm I’ve had in a LONG time. 🙂

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