New Beauty Find! Silly Lips Lip Balm


I recently discovered this lip balm line on Twitter and had to have them! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m obsessed with lip balms and have way too many of them, but rarely do they keep their appeal for me. Only a few brands have managed to earn a constant spot in my purse, on my nightstand, etc. I was so pleased to find a new brand that meets and exceeds all my criteria in being a fabulous lip balm.

First, the packaging is to die for. They come in these glossy white boxes with drawings of gorgeous pin-up girls on the front. The lip balm itself is in a vintage-style slender tin with the same beautiful pin-up girl on the front.

Secondly, Leila Larsen, a fellow lipgloss and lip balm junky, created these balms in her very own kitchen in an effort to create the perfect combination of a gloss and balm. Then she had her three best friends pick their favorite scents and she named the corresponding balm after each friend. So, not only did she succeed in creating the perfect combination of a gloss and balm, these darling little tins of deliciousness have a personal touch that I love. Each balm also has a description of the girl it was created after on the box.

Lastly, these balms are packed full of goodness with beeswax and shea butter as two of the main ingredients.


{From left to right: Kinky Katie, Bangin’ Bekah, Tasty Tracy}

There are currently three different balms, and they are coming out with more soon. They have Kinky Katie, a pale shimmery pink balm that has a hint of vanilla mint and a stunning blonde on the front. The scent is very light and reminds me of delicious frosting. They don’t put any sweetener in their balms ( a lot of flavored balms do have sweetener). I prefer ones that don’t because I hate sweet tasting lip products. I like them to smell good but to have no taste.

Bangin’ Bekah is a lovely, shimmery, deep pink balm with a hint of sugared strawberry and a red-haired bombshell on the front. The scent is light and reminds me of a strawberry popsicle…so good. This goes on mostly clear with just a barely there hint of pink.

Tasty Tracy is a light champagne colored balm with a hit of peach coconut and a lovely bikini-clad brunette on the front. This goes on clear with just a touch of shimmer and the scent reminds me of the beach. The coconut is very summery and the peach adds an unexpected twist to the traditional tropical scent.

I love all of them equally. If I HAD to pick a favorite I’d pick Kinky Katie because I reach for that one the most. The vanilla mint is addicting. Each balm has a fantastic consistency. They aren’t too slippery and they aren’t too thick. They impart tons of moisture while adding a lot of shine. They are great to wear on their own for shine or over your favorite lipstick.

I love supporting small businesses that make high-quality products and people who are making a business out of a passion and Leila is doing just that with her Silly Lips lip balm. I highly suggest treating yourself to one of these delights. At $12.50 each they are reasonably priced because they double as a gloss and balm and they are deeply moisturizing.

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Have you tried Silly Lips Lip Balm yet?


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