Happy Things

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. With the weekend just around the corner, I wanted to share a few things currently making me smile this week!

{Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Sleepytime Tea}

{Essie Lapis of Luxury and my Michael Kors Rose Gold Runway Watch}


{Frozen Trader Joe’s all natural gummy bears. Thanks Skinny Confidential!}


{This sweet picture of my mama and me}

20120531-101633.jpg{This little guy-my handsome Bo}

What are a few things making you smile this week?


9 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Love this! My current happy things this week are making minty green sun tea & a new lipstick I picked up. I know you will love it…if you haven’t already tried it! πŸ˜‰ It’s going to be on my blog tomorrow. I love that picture of you & your Momma!

    • LOL Do I? I think my nail beds are small and my palms are big and my fingers are skinny…lol. But thanks Josa! you sure do know how to make a girl feel nice! πŸ™‚

      • Yes they are pretty! I have sausage fingers. My nail beds are wide and my fingers are short and fat! I can still fit my hand in to my kindergarten handprint! They are freakishly small! I have hand envy!

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