Giveaway!! Cooling Facial from Broadway Skin & Body Retreat

This giveaway is for all my New Mexico followers! My favorite spa in town, Broadway Skin & Body Retreat, is giving one lucky Gourmet Beauty reader a 60-minute Cooling Facial! This gentle soothing facial is perfect for all skin types. It will cool you down from the tips of your toes to the tension points of your scalp. This summertime facial includes a cooling eucalyptus hand, arm, and foot massage while fresh cucumber slices energize and rejuvenate your eye area, decreasing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. A gentle soothing gel mask is applied to the skin to calm, balance, and revive the complexion. The facial is a $75 value!

Below are the entry rules & guidelines. The contest will run from today through midnight Mountain Time on Thursday 7/19/12. Winner will be announced on Friday. Good luck and thank you for reading Gourmet Beauty!

Giveaway Rules & Guidelines

  • Like Gourmet Beauty on Facebook here
  • Like Broadway Retreat on Facebook here
  • Comment on this post with the following information:

1) Confirm you have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Broadway Retreat on Facebook

2) Tell us why you would like to win this facial

3) sign your first name to your comment


35 thoughts on “Giveaway!! Cooling Facial from Broadway Skin & Body Retreat

  1. I have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Broadway Retreat on Facebook. I would like to win this facial because I’ve only ever had one other one when I was 18 and it was a traumatic experience that made me not want another. I would like to change my mind about facials and this sounds like a great place to do that! Also, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I would really enjoy the TLC! Thanks! Melanie

  2. I like both gourmet beauty and broadway retreat on fb! I would love this facial because I have been working all summer teaching summer school in the HEAT!! I think a cooling facial would be the perfect break from getting scorched in the sun all day πŸ™‚ Plus Devon gives the best facials ever!
    -Sha Marie

  3. I have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Broadway Retreat on Facebook. I would like to win a facial mainly because I am a single mom and it can be stressful. Also, I hardly get to step out so this would be a great opportunity to be pampered and have some me time (which is hard to get)!

  4. Like/love you both on Facebook! I would love a facial from Broadway Skin & Body Retreat because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the facials Devon gives. But, I might be a nice daughter and let my mom have this if I won…. maybe. I would tell my mom to enter but she still calls Facebook Lookbook so I don’t know. Thanks ladies for this amazing giveaway!

  5. I am not on any networking sites so I wasn’t able to ‘like’ Gourmet Beauty or Broadway Retreat … but I can state here I ❀ them both

    I need a facial!! I would love to win because in training for a tri my face has broken out so bad. Plus my pores could really use some treatment and I could use some ME time


  6. Hi Arantha! I have “liked” both your blog and the spa’s page only bc Facebook hasn’t implemented the necessary “love” button (or hate πŸ™‚ but let’s be positive shall we?)! There is nothing better than being pampered by Devon!
    Katie Thompson

  7. I loooove Gourmet Beauty and know I will love Devon’s spa- Broadway Skin & Body Retreat- once I go for my first facial there… maybe this will be the one πŸ™‚ I love you both and have “liked” you both on Facebook. I would like to win this facial because it has been two years since my last facial! So if I did win I’m sorry, Devon, for what you may uncover! haha! Also, my birthday is coming up sooooo it would be a REALLY great birthday present πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Arantha! I have officially liked both, Arantha’s Gourmet Beauty and Broadway Spa and Skin retreat on fb! I would love to win this giveaway because Devon gives the BEST facials and I think that is exactly what I need since I am finishing up a summer semester of PT school and my skin has seen better days thanks to finals week approaching! Thanks for the giveaway, what a great combination the two of you!:)

    Krista Riebli

  9. I like both on Facebook and love both your blog and Broadway Skin and Body Retreat! Devon gives the best facials ever! I need one badly, mostly due to stress at work… This is a great giveaway.

  10. I already liked you both long ago because I am addicted to you both! I would like to win this facial because I have been working 6 days a week recently. The bags under my eyes are starting to get ugly and I need a nice cool down! Plus, Devon is the absolute best estetician I know!


  11. I’ve “liked” both pages! I’ve heard such great things about Devon’s facials and the cooling treatments sound heavenly in this summer heat! Great giveaway

  12. How fun is this!! Obviously I’ve Liked you for a long time πŸ˜‰ Just liked the spa though…and could totally use this treatment because training for a marathon means my face is sweating like an ice cube in the dessert!

  13. What a neat giveaway… I have liked both FB pages! I would love to win this facial because I have never had a facial before (I have only had massages) and I have heard amazing things about facials and even more amazing things about Broadway Spa and Skin and Devon’s fabulous facials she gives!! I would love to have my very first facial experience with Devon at Broadway Spa and Skin!!


  14. I need to win so I can have an excuse to pamper myself and help this acne outbreak heal!!!! AND visit adorable Devon in that awesome spa πŸ™‚ pick me!!!!!

  15. I have “liked” both Gourmet Beauty & Broadway Retreat on Facebook! I would like to win this facial so I can be as “cool” as Arantha and Devon πŸ™‚

  16. I liked both pages as well! I wanna win because I have had one facial in my life and have always wanted to go in and try another one. This cooling facial sounds amazing! Very relaxing and soothing, just what any working girl needs after a long week of work πŸ™‚

  17. What a fun idea gals!! I have liked both pages. I would love to win because I’m severely overdue for a facial, plus I’ve never had a cooling facial before. If I don’t win, Devon needs to bug me to make an appointment anyway. Fingers crossed!!!

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  20. I am confirming that I would love to enter the contest for a free facial at Broadway Skin and Body Retreat! I would love to win because I have NEVER had a facial in my life and I have been experiecing some stressful times in my life right now that has caused my skin to freak out as well. I need the relaxation and the professional advice on my skin. Please pick me! πŸ™‚

    Love and Congrats on your new business adventure!

  21. Oh course I like both Gourmet Beauty and Broadway Retreat on Facebook! Sadly, I have never been to Devon’s spa so winning this giveaway will give me an opportunity to finally check out the restful facility I hear so much about.

    Here’s to cooling off from the summer heat!


  22. I am also not on any networking sites, but have been following Devons blogs
    from your pintrest- to your engagement- to your wedding- to your honeymoon until now! You seem so nice from your blogs- I told my co-worker, (which I have also showed her your blogs) I want to go to Broadway body retreat just to meet you in person! I love your taste & style, feels like an old friend I’ve never met
    I have never had a facial, even though I love day spas when given the choice of a full body treatment versus just your face- I’ve gone for the full massage! I’m sure I don’t
    know what I’ve been missing! Here’s to hopefully meeting you some day Devon
    PS You and Zach are the cutest couple! Congrats on your new life together!
    Take care and keep up the fun blogs!

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  25. 1.) Have liked both of you since the dawn of time. Or, at least since you launched facebook pages.

    2.) My ex-husband’s baby was born this morning. I need something to take the edge off. Also, Devon is fun as hell.

    3.) Love, Mandi

  26. I am a fan and friend of both people and pages. I think I would benefit from this because I just hit the big 30 and am starting to feel it with my hectic work schedule! Great posts. Keeps them coming! -Rima

  27. I totally would adore this facial! I have four kiddos including a newborn and NEVER have time for me….i would love this πŸ™‚ God bless

  28. Hello!
    A. I do not have a Facebook account so I asked my good friend and office-mate to please “Like” Gourmet Beauty and Broadway Skin & Body Retreat in place of me, which I hope counts! I watched her do it and her name is Niki if you need to check =)
    B. I am an avid Gourmet Beauty blog-follower and have never, ever invested in beauty products in my life. However, since becoming a follower and reading the the wedding make-up guest post by Devon of Broadway Skin & Body Retreat I have been spending lot (too much!) money on great products including the MAC lipstic in Creme Cup!
    C. I would love to win this facial because I have never had one and it sounds divine! AND, Tuesday was my birthday and I had to work all day and go to school at night so it would be an amazing and special treat!
    Thank you for considering me in this contest =)

  29. I have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Broadway Retreat on Facebook. I would like to win this facial because I am very hot and bothered this summer having babysat a three year old for a couple weeks, taught summer school (in a poorly air-conditioned room), and will only have three days off (to do school supply shopping and appointments for my own kiddos) before beginning to teach two sets of 40 four-year-olds during the regular school year.


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