Giveaway!! Turquoise Cuff from Lux Divine Jewelry

I’ve fallen head over heels for Lux Divine Jewelry. These handmade, earthy pieces are glamorous and bohemian all at once. You can pair them with a preppy blazer or a hippie maxi dress and look stunning either way. Lux Divine has been generous enough to give one lucky Gourmet Beauty reader a handmade turquoise cuff! I won one myself on their Facebook giveaway and wear it every day. It literally goes with everything! Here’s the cuff I have:


Here are pictures of the actual cuff that one of you lucky readers will win!

This cuff can be worn on its own or stacked. Here’s how Lux Divine styles these cuffs (and a glimpse at their other handmade goodies!)

These cuffs are valued at $45 each and can be purchased directly here if you need one in your life right now! πŸ™‚

Below are the entry rules & guidelines. The contest will run from today through 5 pm Mountain Time on Tuesday 8/14/12. Lux Divine will select the winner based on the below guidelines and I will announce the winner on Wednesday 8/15! Good luck and thank you for reading Gourmet Beauty!

Giveaway Rules & Guidelines:

In order to enter the giveaway you must do EACH of the following:

  • Like Gourmet Beauty on Facebook here
  • Like Lux Divine on Facebook here

**IF you don’t have a Facebook you can enter by doing the following:

  • Sign up to follow my blog via email AND join Etsy and add Lux Divine as a favorites here
  • Comment on this post with the following information:

1) Confirm you have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Lux Divine Jewelry on Facebook OR that you don’t have Facebook so you followed the alternate instructions

2) Tell us why you would like to win this cuff

3) sign your first name to your comment and your email address so we can contact you if you win!


41 thoughts on “Giveaway!! Turquoise Cuff from Lux Divine Jewelry

  1. Hi Arantha! My name’s Natasha and I’m one of your biggest fans! I wake up every morning and get excited about your posts. I absolutely DROOLED over the lux divine cuff you have been wearing. I have been on the website and fallen in love with everything but that cuff is really to die for. I’m hoping to win because the cuff is way out of my price range as I’m still in college and I have a very tight budget. Of course, I liked both you and lux divine on facebook! Hoping you can make my arm candy dreams come true πŸ˜‰

      • Of course! I think you really have a talent for writing in a way that keeps people interested. Your reviews are the best and I gained the confidence to wear lipstick because of this blog! I always thought it looked funny on me but I started playing with colors and brands with your helpful suggestions and I was able to find something that makes me look awesome! So fun to try new things!

      • That’s so great Natasha! It absolutely makes my day to know that people are reading my blog and getting useful tips. I’d love to know what lipsticks you are loving!

      • I’m currently wearing my Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Persian Melon to work today! I have already gotten so many compliments! I was totally inspired to try it out since I’ve seen it on your blog and I just got it in the mail from Amazon. I also love that you put affordable options on your blog. As I said I’m a college student at Brown and living on a tight budget. I love to splurge every once in a while but it’s hard to try out all the different fun beauty things you can play with unless they’re under 10 dollars. It’s so great that you put an option that I can always afford to try out without breaking my bank! Keep doing what you’re doing, you seem like a good role model. I’m graduating in December and looking into consulting as well but in the health care field and it’s so inspiring to see that you have found a balance between having a career and what makes you special!

      • Thanks Natasha! I’ll be sure to continue putting drugstore options in most posts. It’s amazing the quality you can find at Walgreens and Target. An upcoming post is going to be my new fave lip gloss but I’ll tell you about it now! It’s NYX gloss in Beige. It’s about $8 on Amazon and is the most luxurious, creamy, gorgeous colored gloss I’ve ever used. It’s not beige, its a creamy mauvy pink and it’s ahhhh-mazing. I highly suggest! XO

    • It was gorgeous and I had to order it! Also, super excited for my birch box coming on Friday! There’s nothing like getting a little beauty treat on your doorstep! Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚ I’m excited to hear about the giveaway (even if I didn’t win)

  2. I have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Lux Divine Jewelry on Facebook

    I want to win this cuff because I never buy myself jewelry. I’m a Sagittarius so turquoise is my all time favorite thing to wear (and I swear it attracts luck)! Also, I have been in LOVE with this cuff since you first raved about Lux Divine and have almost purchased it several times. I really think their jewelry is original and all around awesome. Thanks for the chance to win it!

    Melanie L. @

  3. Hi Arantha! I follow you on twitter and was so excited to see this post! I am the biggest fan of Lux Divine Jewelry because of their amazing hand made jewelry that is to die for!! I love a business based on genuine skills and creativity and I have been dying to get my hands on this gorgeous turquoise cuff!! I believe I deserve it becase I’m living on a college budget now, working my booty off! But, it’s hard work now so one day I can afford all the beautiful bracelets I want πŸ™‚ Love your blog and of course I liked you and Lux Divine Jewelry on facebook! (Facebook name: Ashley Nicole) Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  4. Hi Arantha! I already like your fb page and I just liked Lux Divine’s page. I would like to win this cuff because jewelry is my favorite part of every outfit and I absolutely love handmade/unique jewelry πŸ™‚ The Turquoise cuff is the cutest! Thanks for always having great posts!

  5. I am a fan of Aranthas Gourmet Beauty! I am a fan of Lux Divine Jewelry! I am in love with All jewelry pieces Ive seen of Lux design! Plus, I am one who wears multiple pieces of jewelry daily….it is my fav! I have the best jewelry armoire collection…and I truly want to add Lux Divine to my collection…I would love to start by winning this cuff! πŸ™‚

  6. I have been a Facebook fan of Lux Divine, I faned Arantas Gourmet Beauty, AND Favorited the ETSY store. I absolutely LOVE the cuff, turquoise is such a wonderful color to add to the wardrobe. I am limited in what I can wear to work and this cuff would absolutely spice it up! I would love to have a Lux Divine cuff to wear out and show off! Lori Sue

  7. I definately love Arantha Royce and Arantha’s Beauty Gourmet, and I already like and love Lux Divine…. I have made several purchases and wear my cuff’s, necklaces, and am crazy for the necklace I got for Shay. I think I should win because I am worth it! πŸ™‚ Bree Lorentzen Adamian

  8. I have liked both Gourmet Beauty & Lux Divine Jewelry on Facebook! I would like to win this cuff because recently I decided it is time to start a jewelry collection. I am usually horrible about jewelry and need something that can go with a lot of outfits. This is a perfect addition to my “collection” and will light that spark I need to inspire me to buy more!

    – Renee

  9. Hi Arantha! My name is Hayley! I have recently become a BIG fan of your blog!! I am a newly wed who loves trying new and healthy recipes for my husband and I! My favorite one to date is the coconut shrimp that was recently posted! I ran to store for all the ingredients immediately after reading about it!! My husband and I LOVED it!! As much as I love your recipes…reading about all your different products is my FAVORITE part of your blog!!! I love the Lux divine cuff and im obsessed with turquoise. I fell in love with it the second I saw it on your instagram!!! I hope I win it!!! Fingers crossed!! I def liked you both on Facebook! I can’t believe I didn’t think to do it earlier!! Keep up the great blog! Thanks!

  10. Hi Arantha! I am loving your blog! I’ve liked both your page and Lux Divine on facebook. I love this cuff! I’ve recently started adding more fun statement pieces to my jewelry collection and this cuff would be a perfect addition πŸ™‚ I’ve been admiring yours since you first showcased it – thanks for giving us the chance to win one of our own!


  11. Hello Arantha…liked both pages and will be shopping today! I was already a fan of Lux Divine and have some of their pieces. I covet this cuff! Thanks for having this giveaway! Cheers! Cindy

  12. I have liked Lux Divine and Arantha’s Gourmet Beauty on Facebook πŸ™‚

    This bracelet is so gorgeous! I would love to win because it would go with many of my outfits and is unique to add to so many different looks.

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  14. I’m a follower and lover of your blog and Lux Divine (on Twitter & Facebook). I’ve been drooling over their pieces for quite some time, specifically the turquoise pieces. They’re stunning! I would love to win this cuff because my love of turquoise has been instilled in me from my Grandmother, who wears the most beautiful and unique turquoise pieces. I have been swooning over her jewelry since I was young. I have yet to find any pieces here in the Midwest that have the hand-crafted, bohemian vibe that these have. I would be SO excited and proud to rock this cuff!
    Rachel Walker

  15. I’ve “liked” both pages long ago! This is a lovely cuff. Growing up in New Mexico, I’ve seen a lot of turquoise jewelry but this is turquoise done in a whole new way. I have a jewelry obsession and this cuff is unlike anything I have. I love the bold design and have a mental list of outfits it would look amazing with!
    xoxo Rochelle

  16. I am a fan of both Gourmet Beauty & Lux Divine Jewelry on Facebook! I LOVE the cuff because, well let’s face it I am from the Southwest so I basically bleed turquoise! I am always looking for turquoise accessories that are not too Southwest and a little more modern. I also love raw turquoise – I think it’s so beautiful, natural and elegant. Obviously I would love to have this cuff because it’s me. And I think my mom might steal it (we have similar taste in jewelry) so a deal on one would be great! Thanks Arantha for this awesome giveaway!

  17. Love this cuff and your blog! I would LOVE to win because I love turquoise and I hardly ever splurge on jewelry for myself, so this would be a great treat! Of course I like you both on FB!

  18. I have liked both gourmet beauty and luxe divine on Facebook I feel I have nothing like this cuff and it would be a wonderful addition to my jewelry box (I don’t think it will be in my jewelry box much tho. Haha!) It is so unique. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  19. I love, love, love turquoise! Some people even say it is the birthstone for my birthday month, December, which I don’t think is true but I will take it! I love reading your blog and have liked your Facebook page and Lux’s Divine’s. Your blog feeds my craving of all things beauty, health and a little bit of fashion! Thanks for spicing things up, Arantha! PS I also love Rachel’s Beauty Anywhere is in the family, I guess!


  20. Hi,
    I’ve “liked” both Gourmet Beauty and Lux Divine Jewerly on FB. This cuff blends two materials that I love *almost* more than diamonds and white gold-gold and turquoise! Such a modern blend of naturally beautiful and practical elements. I would love to show this off every day and make it a part of my wardrobe. Thanks!

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  22. I LOVE, love, love turquoise jewelry. It is my absolute favorite and wear it almost everyday. Unfortunately, I don’t have any bracelets or cuffs and almost never buy jewelry for myself. I have been unable to find one that I like more than this one and would be so appreciative and ecstatic if I am the winner! I would definitely wear it often and love it as much as you do. I like both Gourmet Beauty and Lux Divine on FB!

  23. I already “Liked” (LOVED!) this blog on FB and now I “Liked” (again, LOVED!) Lux Divine on FB. I should win this bracelet, bc like Lux, I am also earthy and gorgeous πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great blog Arantha! Muah!

  24. I liked both pages.
    I would love to win this cuff! I saw it on you at bunco and its beautiful! I love turquoise and it reminds me of my dad as its his favorite color! I hope I win!
    -sha marie

  25. I like both of yalls page and a huge fan of this cuff..i love the hard work you put into it. It really shows in your cuffs.. I have been wanting one for awhile now but can never seem to afford one with my kids.. i had the chance to get one at wakarusa for a great price but no where near the quality of these. I hope to win to show off your work and advertisetise for you but mist importantly be a owner finally.. I love turquoise..its the best in my opinion ❀ thanks for the oppurtunity πŸ˜‰ much love

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