Happy Things

It’s Friday! I cannot wait to veg out tonight and then spend Saturday with my friend Paula for her birthday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Have you entered my giveaway yet for a Lux Divine handmade turquoise cuff? The giveaway runs through Tuesday so don’t miss out. I’m totally obsessed with mine and I think you need one too! Here are a few things that brought me happiness this week in pictures:

20120809-145258.jpg{These two. My favorite boys absolutely adore each other and share adorable moments like this all the time.}

20120809-145310.jpg{After seeing this dress featured on Poor Little It Girl, I just had to have it. Luckily Gap was giving 30% off all full-priced items that day. Score!}

20120809-145317.jpg{I found this mirror buried in the back of a closet this week and decided it would make the perfect glamorous necklace holder for our master bath. I got this at TJ Maxx a few years ago for $20.}

20120809-145341.jpg{A large group of us went to the Gavin Degraw and Colbie Caillat concert at the zoo this week. Between awesome company, delicious food and fantastic music it was a really great night.}

20120809-145349.jpg{Found this picture of my Pi Phi sorority sisters and me on our 2006 Vegas trip. Our feet were blistered and literally bleeding (I seriously still have a scar on my foot from the deepest blister!) from a long night of dancing the night away in cheap heels so we made a foot bath and ended up playing around in here for quite a while. Such a wonderful trip, Love you girls!}

What brought you happiness this week?

16 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. I loveee that dress! I haven’t been to Gap in forever, I’m stopping by the mall later today on my way home, definitely looking for that! It looks adorable with that necklace!

    • Thanks Kristina! They have it in navy and mauve too but hot pink is awesome. That necklace is from Ann Taylor a while ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ❤

  2. That is like the most adorable photo ever. It makes me regret getting married senior year, when I could have GONE TO VEGAS WITH MY SORORITY SISTERS INSTEAD.

    Oh well.

    By the way – and I’m actually going to blog about this at some point – I really scarred my feet last summer in New York with my shoes. The price of being beautiful. But it’s funny, I hated my feet before then, and now I see those scars, that proof of the first time I went out on my own to follow MY dream, and I’m just so in love with them.

    • Yay! You’re gonna love that facial!! Yes sometimes wierd things that were negative at the time end up representing something positive down the road. Life is strange like that 🙂

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