Florida Vacation


{A perfect day at Huguenot Beach}

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog the last few days! I was vacationing in Jacksonville, Florida to visit my friend Niki and her adorable children. Here are the highlights of my trip in pictures:

20120820-112022.jpg{My first full day in Florida was spent at Huguenot Beach. This is my goddaughter Sadie being adorable.}


{Nova Lynn playing in the sand. She’s also my goddaughter. I’m lucky.}


{Brady building his sand castle!}


{Sadie enjoying a snack on the beach. That hair is just glorious. Nova and Brady are in the background. Love this picture.}


{Niki and her babies!}


{The water was amazingly warm! Green dress from Asos here.}





{We took the kiddos swimming my second day there and got stuck in a tropical rainstorm. Even though it wasn’t ideal, we all huddled together on the pool patio and ate cookies to wait it out and the kids were shockingly patient! It was actually a fun memory.}


{Sadie helped me cook dinner that night. We made this chicken dish and it was a hit by the entire family.}


{Niki has a pond right out her back door and there are tons of geese. We brought out some bread and Niki did a rather embarrassing “geese call” to attract them. LOL! They came in herds. It was fun but also a bit scary at the same time. They are huge and they hiss! There were ducks and ducklings too.)


{My beautiful Niki and her handsome beau Jordon on my last night there.}


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