Beauty of the Month: Brittany Toll of Happy Brittany and Miss New Mexico USA 2011

I’m thrilled to have Brittany Toll as my August Beauty!  Miss Toll is a New Mexican like me, although she’s now living in Oklahoma, and a fellow beauty product junkie.  She writes the inspirational blog Happy Brittany, which provides a glimpse into her daily life and focuses on positivity and gratitude.  She was also Miss New Mexico USA 2011 where she won Fan Favorite and earned a spot in the coveted top 16!

Brittany is my absolute favorite person to follow on Instagram.  Her photos are so whimsical and they give you a peek into her beauty product obsessions, daily style and magical loft (her username is brittanytoll, I highly suggest following her!).

Brittany seems to live a really charmed life fueled by a positive outlook, a genuine kindness and an enviable sense of personal style.  Brittany was kind enough to share with us her must-have beauty products, fitness regimen, favorite healthy foods and some tips on interior design.  I hope you enjoy my interview with the gorgeous Brittany Toll!


What are you currently up to?

I taught pre-k for two years in northern NM through Teach For America. I moved to Oklahoma to manage and support teachers so I observe them in their classrooms, problem solve with them, and basically work with them to ensure that their students leave at the end of the year on a dramatically different educational track then when they started. Occasionally random opportunities land at my feet, I flew out to L.A. earlier this summer to film a pilot family variety show for CBS.  The details are under wraps right now but I will certainly update people who are interested via Twitter. I love working in ed reform but also love taking on new adventures and experiences that come my way. I’d love to write a book one day or perhaps pursue interior design of some sort.

What are your 5 beauty product essentials you can’t live without?

1. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip BalmThis has been my number one beauty product for years. I love the soothing feeling, love the smell, love the tin that it comes in and love the subtle plump and color it leaves on my lips.

2. Amazing Grace Eau de ParfumThis is my FAVORITE scent on earth. I go through about 4 bottles a year. I have worn it for about 7 years now and believe this is my scent. It’s so dainty and fresh but mostly I love that scent connects to memories and people associate this scent to their memory of me. It’s unlike any other fragrance I have ever encountered.

3. Make Up Forever Smokey LashHands-down the best mascara I have ever used. It’s the perfect balance of thickening and lengthening. It’s as dramatic as false lashes with a more natural look.

4. Colgate Optic White: I don’t like to bleach my teeth so I try to maintain a steady whitening process with this toothpaste.

5. Charlotte Ronson A Summer’s Kiss:  I love any type of highlighter for my cheeks but this one is great because it can go on shoulders, arms, legs, back, etc. Sometime all you need is a subtle glow to pull yourself together.

Who is your beauty icon?

I’d have to say my mom. Of course I do love Heidi Klum and Rachel McAdams but my mom was the first woman who ever introduced me to beauty. She’s also always in the know on the latest and greatest when it comes to products so she’s my favorite person to shop with at Sephora.

The natural look: underrated or overrated? 

I love it personally. This is often the look I sport daily.  I’ll use Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray for natural waves, a light coating of tinted moisturizer (I hate covering my freckles), blush, a few coats of mascara and lip balm. It’s enough to feel like I didn’t roll out of bed but not too much.

Quick beauty tip?

I’ve recently become a huge advocate of concealer under the eyes. I know this is simple and women have been doing it for generations but it’s always a step that I manage to overlook. It makes SUCH a difference though! Just a few dabs and you instantly look wide awake and luminous.

What are three things you always carry in your purse?

Dior Lip Glow (it brightens the natural color of your lips if you don’t want to fuss with lip color), Smith Minted Rose lip balm (le duh!), and Trident Mango/Peach Layers Chewing gum.

What is your least expensive beauty item you love?

My toothbrush! I’m a sucker for good hygiene and a clean mouth so I love my toothbrush but hate all the fancy-schmancy stuff. I stick to the simple acrylic Reach brand and update it every couple of months.

What is your most expensive beauty product that you love?

R Session Tools Nalu Waver, well worth the investment! The Nalu Waver creates very unique and beautiful curls in many different ways. It’s a tool worth looking into if you don’t know anything about it.

As a beauty queen, fitness must be an important aspect of your daily life. What’s your fitness routine?

I really love doing cardio. I have the “Map My Run” app for my iPhone so I determine how far I want to run, put my headphones in and take off. I love running downtown where I live or along the scenic river. It’s always a great way to clear my mind and destress. I also love Bikram yoga, Zumba and my yoga ball for doing crunches.

Favorite healthy snack?

Sliced cucumbers drizzled with fresh lemon and sprinkled with sea salt.

favorite food indulgence?

I’m a sucker for candy and sweets!

What’s an average day of meals for you?

I eat a high fiber cereal and a probiotic shake for breakfast or I’ll prepare eggs.  I snack on some fruit or nuts between breakfast & lunch and then for lunch I usually eat out with my coworkers (vegetarian sandwiches or fish tacos are my go-to).  I snack on fruit or nuts again between lunch and dinner (or I eat a bell pepper or cucumber) and then for dinner I try to eat very lightly.  Sometime I’ll have a salad, soup or fresh juiced vegetables. I’m a vegetarian (who eats fish occasionally) so it’s really important to me to manage my protein and vegetable intake.

Quick skinny tip?

Drink water & be confident. Beautiful bodies are determined by a woman’s confidence. When I need to fit into a favorite dress or skinny jeans though I do opt for Herbalife shakes- this is not my regular routine but it’s a good temporary go-to.

Your home is so whimsical and cozy.  What’s your interior design philosophy?

Aw, you are so kind!  Thank you! I’m very much a product of my environment, therefore I must live and work in a place that feels like me and helps generate my own creativity and productivity. Almost all of my furniture comes from Ikea, it’s so affordable and how you use it in your home makes it feel less department store-like and more homey. I’m also very organized so everything must have a place whether it’s purposeful or functional. I shop a lot at second hand stores, this is my favorite place to gather things. I also make use of a lot of things- I’m often told I have an eye for seeing the opportunity in things and for creating symphony of mix-matched things. I think the best way to make a house a home is to let it evolve over time and make it a space that fuels you- I prefer natural light and warm light so I never have my blinds down and at night I operate under lamps, string lights, and candles. I also have a tiny studio apartment so I needed to make my space functional yet cozy and welcoming. I love having guests over so I wanted it to be a space where people could feel comfortable and at ease, just as I like to feel. I have a lot  of stuff but I hate clutter, although my apartment is very much “organized clutter.” I get inspired by looking at other people’s homes so Pinterest and are my two favorite sites- I love to just browse the pictures, it’s very meditative for me.

{Pictures of Brittany’s loft below}

Favorite guilty pleasure?

I’m going to have to say Pretty Little Liars. I only recently started watching the DVDs of the past seasons (I don’t have cable) and was instantly hooked!

Thing you miss most about living in New Mexico?

The food! In Oklahoma the people are just as wonderful as they are in New Mexico. The sunsets aren’t as beautiful and the culture isn’t the same but I’d still say I miss the food the most. I have yet to find a Mexican food restaurant that rivals anything I had in New Mexico, plus it’s sad that I can’t order pizza with green chile on it anywhere in Oklahoma! The cuisine in New Mexico is very unique and after being raised on it my standards are pretty high when it comes to food.


Be sure to check out Brittany’s blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!  Check out the pictures below to get another peek into Brittany’s life!

{Brittany adds quirky and magical details to her home.}

{A cozy corner in her loft.}

{I love that she keeps her makeup on cupcake stands and in candy jars.  Ingenuis and adorable.}

{A true product junkie.  I can relate.}


14 thoughts on “Beauty of the Month: Brittany Toll of Happy Brittany and Miss New Mexico USA 2011

  1. She is so gorgeous! I love everything about this….her tips, her home, her hair. I want to try that mascara also! Have you tried that one yet? Her home looks so cozy. I just want to go take a nap on her couch. Haha!

    • I know!!! I love her decor. No, I haven’t tried that mascara…I still swear by Voluminous from the drugstore but it’s on my list of products to try! As is the Charlotte Ronson shimmer cream. I already love the Minted Rose lip balm (prob my fave balm of all time) and Amazing Grace perfume!

      • And the shimmer cream is only 18 and you can use it on face and body! The NARS one I use is great but it’s almost 40 I think. Definitely getting this next time I’m at Sephora!

  2. Fantastic post! I loved learning all about Brittany! I also loved hearing out her fave products.. Which just resulted in a longer wish list for myself. I do really want that curling iron! And the mascara too. Adored the whimsical elements in her home… Very inviting. I look forward to reading more post like this, did truly enjoy it

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