Barbie Nails with MAC Saint Germain (And a HUGE thank you to my readers)


First off, I am so incredibly THRILLED to share with you that I won Best Blogger for Albuquerque the Magazine’s Best of the City 2012! I’m so touched by how many of you voted…it means the world to me that people are even reading my blog so the fact that so many of you took the time to vote for me is incredible. My birthday is on Saturday and this is the perfect early present. Thank you so much to each and every one of you. I also want to give a shout out to my favorite Albuquerque bloggers….Steph’s Bite by Bite, Josa’s Hobby Lobby, Girl in Beta and Broadway Beauty. If you haven’t checked out these awesome blogs yet, I highly suggest taking the time.

With the last few days of summer upon us I’ve been wearing summer dresses, enjoying cold beers and sporting bright polish to savor the fading warm weather. While fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait for boots, scarves, vampy nails and red wine I am a teensy bit sad to have the summer months behind us.

MAC recently launched a line of polishes that match some of their best-selling lipsticks and their Saint Germain shade has quickly become one of my all-time fave polish shades that’s perfect for summer. Saint Germain is a bright, flamingo pink cream. This playful polish is the perfect Barbie pink. It reminds me of something sugary and delicious, like strawberry milk. Saint Germain retails at $16. For an almost identical shade for half the price try Essie Lovie Dovie. Another gorgeous and fun hot pink cream shade.

20120916-163127.jpg{Two coats of Saint Germain with Essie 3-Way Glaze on top. The color in person is brighter than the picture shows.}

What do you think of MAC Saint Germain nail lacquer?


8 thoughts on “Barbie Nails with MAC Saint Germain (And a HUGE thank you to my readers)

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