Beauty of the Month: Lindsey Crouch of Quiche Queen

I was lucky enough to have this health-savvy beauty guest-post for me in July to share her healthy watermelon lemonade recipe.  I immediately asked her back to be my September Beauty of the Month!  Lindsey is the perfect person to feature.  She’s a genius in the kitchen, whipping up healthy, modified versions of your favorite foods, she’s clearly a stunner and we share September as our birthday month!  This fellow Virgo turned 30 this month and is looking better than ever!  Check out my interview with Lindsey below to hear about her beauty essentials, exercise routine and healthy eating philosophies.


Tell us about your fabulous self!

I work in the healthy food biz! I’m an entrepreneur and have been a healthy personal chef and caterer for the last several years. My fitness pro husband and I have a perpetual passion for creating healthy, low-carb, delicious and nutritious food items! I’ve been doing recipe development for the last couple years, and we have a crustless, grain-free, low-carb, breadless quiche company called Quiche Queen! We also do wellness vacations in Crested Butte, CO for anyone needing a little reprieve or just wants to go have a fabulous vacation in the Wildflower Capital of Colorado! 🙂 I cook all of the meals for our guests, and my husband Daniel leads workouts, meditations and so much more!

{Lindsey and her husband Daniel}

What are your 5 beauty product essentials you can’t live without?

1.  Pureology Antifade Shampoo, Conditioner and HydraCure Intense Moisturizer: In my opinion, Pureology is the BEST! I have highlighted hair, so keeping my tresses from drying out can be a challenge. I use the intense moisturizer as a deep conditioner once a month; I’ll either put some in before a run or sleep with it in and then wash it out in the morning. It’s amazing at replenishing my hair and always makes it soft and silky!

2. Bold pink glosses + Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss: I love lip color and I tend to go bold with it! To me a fabulous, bold lip color is like wearing high heels for your smile! It just makes you a little more sexy, confident and overall, happier! There are so many great, bold pink glosses, it’s hard to choose just one favorite. Right now in my lipstick case, I’m carrying a Sephora Rouge Cream Lip Stain and Sally Girl Hydrating Lip Gloss. I’ll add a coat of the YSL Golden Gloss to the lip stain for sparkle and shine! The fragrance of the Golden Gloss is sweet, fruity, light and lovely!

3. Jane Iredale’s Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream: This stuff is what make-up dreams are made of!!! I’m really into skin care in general and Jane Iredale is a skin care make-up line! Call it make-up with dual purpose! It’s SPF 25, gives me complete coverage (because, let’s be honest, I’m 30 these days!) and it also has a great, dewy finish! It’s my favorite foundation I’ve ever used!

4. Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere: I’ve always been a Chanel perfume girl. I started my obsession with Chanel perfumes with Coco Mademoiselle and wore it for many years. Just in the last year I started to crave a change and thought of my beautiful grandmother, who wore Chanel No. 5 Eau de Toilette. While I loved the notes of the EDT on my dear Granny Goose, Wanda Jo, it wasn’t the right fit for me. However the lighter, fresher, softer notes of Eau Premiere feels like it was made for me!

5. Honestly Organic’s Organic Raw Shea Butter: We keep this on our nightstand and lather it on our hands, necks, lips and sometimes on top of eye cream! It can be used for anything and on anywhere! Shea butter is amazing in itself, but organic raw shea butter takes things to a whole new level!

Who is your beauty icon? 

I have three!  Two are timeless beauty icons and one is more current and “now”. My mother was a classic beauty. Her name was Beverly, iconic to me in itself! She was always perfectly put together, polished and poised. Her hair was perfectly coiffed, never a curl out of place (honestly, I don’t know how she did it!). Her fashion choices were always classic and feminine. Her make-up and hair were flawless.

My Granny Goose was also one of my beauty icons. She taught me so much about being a young woman and inspired me to toss out baggy t-shirts for more feminine frocks like skirts and dresses.  She loved seeing me with curled tendrils, pink lips and we always bought each other our beloved Chanel perfumes.

My third and youngest beauty/fashion icon is my friend Brittany York Thomas, owner of the Dallas clothing & accessories store, Milk & Honey Boutique. Her style is fresh, current and effortlessly chic. She always reminds me to go with the item that’s different and unique, and I love that fashion point of view-not always looking just like everyone else.

The natural look: underrated or overrated? 

It’s fabulous!!!! Natural looking waves, fresh dewy skin, nude glossed lips and a sweep of mascara is beautiful, classic, timeless and perfect when we don’t want to look over done!

Quick beauty tip?

Skin care is a must! A friend in high school once told me that for every night that you don’t wash your make-up off, you age 7 days faster! Boy, did that changes things! Besides a radiant smile, the most beautiful thing a lady can wear is clear skin. So take care of your skin with your favorite skin care regimen and lots of SPF. My favorite SPF is by SkinCeuticals, Physical Fusion UV Defense Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 50.  I run outside almost everyday so I lather this one and it’s amazing.

What are three things you always carry in your purse?

Cell phone, pink lip gloss and wallet

What’s your favorite inexpensive beauty product?

Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with Shea & Cocoa Butter. I keep it in the shower and use it to shave my legs and moisturize all of my skin before getting out. It retains and locks in moisture and leaves skin hydrated and fabulous to the touch!

What’s your favorite expensive beauty product?

MoroccanOil. I was lost before I found it. It’s the most hydrating thing you can put and leave in your hair. It smooths and conditions, not to mention smells absolutely incredible!

As a fitness expert, staying in shape is clearly top priority to you.  What does an average week of exercise look like for you?

I’m one of those people who has to change things up every now and then. Right now I’m running a ton. I love to run in the mornings on the Katy Trail right by where I live. I bring my semi-puppy, Cocker Spaniel, Woody with me (which is a huge factor in getting his energy out so he doesn’t scale the walls in the house for the rest of the day!), and we run about 4 or 5 miles on weekdays. Then on Saturdays I’ll leave him home and do a long run, usually about 8-10 miles. Running actually relaxes me and gives me uninterrupted time to myself to work out my thoughts and talk to God. I also like to incorporate 1-2 days of weights or kickboxing with my husband.

Favorite healthy snack?

I love the balance of a small bowl of greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh peaches, blueberries or strawberries and raw almonds. It’s a perfect snack because it covers all the bases: slightly sweet, crunchy and a little tang with a good amount of protein, fiber and fresh fruit! I also always keep pistachios or almonds in my purse for an on-the-go snack and love protein shakes for a mid-morning snack about an hour after a workout.  I’ll usually add cocoa powder to vanilla whey protein powder to make a chocolate protein shake. Oh, and lots of water all day long, especially first thing in the morning!

Favorite food indulgence?

Chocolate!!! I just had the most amazing chocolate birthday cake by Chef Connie Bakes (who will be on the Food Network in December! Woop!) and the second the last slice was gone, I’ve been hankering for more! 🙂 The richer the better for me. And my second indulgence used to be pizza, so we created a way to make a pizza we could actually eat!!!! Necessity is the mother of all invention, right!

What does an average day of meals look like for you?

Before my daily run, I have coffee with almond milk and tablespoon of pure Grade B maple syrup. A couple hours later, I’ll have a slice of Guiltless Pizza (a crustless, gluten-free, amazing pizza that we make without bread, flour or dough) or a protein shake or protein smoothie (strawberry, blueberry and watermelon are my faves). I’ll have some almonds later. Then a fresh salad with lots of different colored veggies and 2 slices of Guiltless Pizza for dinner. Eating this way has me leaner than ever!

What’s your go-to healthy recipe when entertaining?

 If my friends are tired of Guiltless Pizza 🙂 I love to make a big, fresh spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sliced bell peppers, scallions, avocado, shelled sunflower seeds, goat cheese and light balsamic ranch with Maple Dijon Roasted Salmon with and Spicy Parmesan Roasted Green Beans! Lots of greens and colorful veggies, creamy cheeses and a slightly sweet and spicy fresh filet of fish … YUM!!!

If someone only has 30 minutes a day to dedicate to exercise, what should she be doing with her time?

I think this completely depends on the person and what their goals are. If they want to shed weight fast, they need to be doing a combination of cardio and weights. If they want to tone, weights and yoga are fantastic options. If they want a super tough workout that will really get them cut, kickboxing is wonderful. It just depends on what they are looking to do with the shape of their body.

What foods should people stay away from that are mistakenly thought to be “healthy”?

People want to stay away from drinking their calories. The most efficient calories we take in are ones that are combined with nutrients, I call it food with a purpose. So juices and smoothie places can be kind of misleading because you can drink your way through hundreds of calories thinking that you’re being healthy when really the main ingredient you’re ingesting is sugar. And the second thing is carbs in general. Whole wheat bread is still broken down into sugar, just like you drank a coke. A diet that consists of refined processed carbs, like rice and breads, causes you to store fat and can even lead to chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

What are a couple of power foods everyone should be including in their diets?

Look for dark, rich, deep colors in your foods and you will know it’s a power food! Kale and spinach are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Carrots and broccoli. Wild-caught salmon and cage-free organic eggs. Berries, watermelon and apples.

What’s the best alcoholic beverage or cocktail for people trying to watch their weight?

I know this can be a boring answer to many people, but if you really want to watch your weight, you are better off not drinking. Alcohol is a toxin and it’s therefore toxic to your body. It’s known to inhibit muscle growth, cause dehydration and affect your growth hormone that stimulates cell development.

Quick skinny tip?

Leave the sugar and refined carbs at bay!


I hope you enjoyed my interview with the gorgeous Lindsey Crouch!  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and, if you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to order some of her mouth-watering crustless Quiche.  Jon and I have had it and it’s heavenly.  I’m also loving the idea of their Crested Butte retreats!  Sign me up.

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