Hawaiian Beauty Find: Monoi Tiare Tahiti Scented Coconut Oil


While shopping in Hawaii I found this Monoi Tiare Tahiti coconut oil at a gift store and recognized it immediately from one of my favorite blogs, My Lucite Dreams. She wrote about how great this oil is so I scooped it up immediately and have been thrilled with the purchase. This French-Tahitian cosmetic oil consists of just coconut oil, a touch of sunscreen and gardenia fragrance from real gardenias. It has a dried gardenia in the bottle as well. The gardenia scent is heavenly and the oil leaves my skin hydrated for hours. It gives a luminous glow to the skin that looks great with a summer dress. The scent is so strong (in a good way!) that I wore this oil every day in Hawaii and just skipped perfume so I wouldn’t have competing scents.

The Monoi line has a variety of other oils as well, but the Tiare one was my favorite scent. This is summer in a bottle! I plan on using this after baths once the weather gets colder so I can still enjoy the wonderful scent and hydrating benefits of this fantastic oil. Get yourself a bottle of this stuff here for only $10.99, you’ll be glad you did! Taylor from My Lucite Dreams mixes this oil with foundation and shimmer powder to give herself flawless “supermodel legs.” Check out how she does it here.

Side note: because this is almost purely coconut oil, it hardens like regular coconut oil does. Place the bottle in warm water to get back to oil consistency.

Have you tried the Monoi Tiare Tahiti Oil?


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