Happy Things

Happy Friday lovelies!  Here are the highlights of my birthday week in pictures!  Highlights that aren’t pictured:  Spending a lot of time with my wonderful family, the new Nikon camera my dad gave me for my blog and seeing my friend Shay who was visiting from Portland this past weekend.

20120928-100500.jpg{My awesome friends Josa & Rochelle made me the most heavenly birthday cupcakes:  Caramel Apple with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting.  Recipe here.}

20120928-100509.jpg{My mama gave me this gorgeous Lux Divine Jewelry druzy quartz handmade necklace.  It’s so sparkly and unique, I just love it.}

20120928-100522.jpg{Jon replaced my Prada Candy for my birthday.  Seriously obsessed with this perfume.}

20120928-100532.jpg{My Sephora birthday haul–whoops!  Blog posts coming soon about some of these goodies.}

20120928-100550.jpg{Loving my new bracelet from Francesca’s that I received as a birthday gift.}

20120928-100604.jpg{Now that it’s officially fall I’ve been sipping on red wine while watching my fave shows!}


{Today is my sweet Bo’s 10th birthday. He brings us joy every day and I’m so grateful for this precious boy.  We are taking him to PetSmart on Saturday to pick out some new toys!}

What brightened your week?


9 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Hey Arantha!
    I am finally getting around to ask you some of my beauty questions!
    1) I am the worst at washing my face at night! I hate doing it because by the time I should I’m usually too tired to want to get up and do it…also I have dry skin so I usually just wash it when i’m in the shower in the morning. I know not washing the makeup off your skin is awful for it, so would recommend using a make up remover wipe? Or is it not as effective?
    2) I’ve been wanting to wear lipstick but it comes off so easily! I have a mac color and a lipliner….any advice on a product that will keep it from smearing/lasting longer or a different lipstick?
    Thanks for any advice 🙂

    • Hi Lindsey! Thanks so much for your questions…I’m thrilled to help out.

      1-In regards to washing your face, it really is crucial to cleanse the makeup off before bed. Even if you don’t wear makeup, your skin is exposed to a lot of dirt during the day and needs washed off at night. I totally understand about being too tired to wash with a facial cleanser at night. I would highly suggest Neutrogena Makeup Cleansing Toweletts in the blue package. They are by FAR the best cleansing wipes. Makeup just melts off. I only do this when traveling or when I’m too tired to use my face cleanser. If you have to, use them every night…just don’t sleep with makeup on EVER! 🙂

      2. Lipstick does come up easily..I deal with that every day. I just reapply it quite often and it doesn’t bother me. If you want something longer lasting I would suggest a stain like Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. They have a ton of colors and the color really does last. They are also pretty affordable at about $7-$9 each. If you have a little more money to spend, you may want to try a long-lasting lipstick from the department store. I have one from Lancome from their Rouge in Love line and it lasts several hours.

      A trick that makeup artists sometimes use to make regular lipstick last is to sweep a bit of translucent powder over the lipstick. I have not tried this yet but have heard many times that it works. Also make sure your lips are properly exfoliated before applying lipstick. I use Lush lip scrub but running a warm, damp toothbrush over lips will get them smooth as well. If your lips are dry or flaking the lipstick won’t be able to get a good grip. I hope this helps! I’d love to answer all your other questions as well!!


      • Thank you Arantha!
        I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I justify not washing my face some nights if I didn’t wear makeup that day….. but I didn’t even think about no matter what (especially out here in Lubbock!) dirt will still touch you! hahahaha I promise to get better 🙂
        I will definitely try your tips on the lipstick and let you know how it goes! Thanks for taking the time to write me back 🙂

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