Honey Caramel Scented Showers with Lush It’s Raining Men Shower Gel


Lush is full of the most amazing treats for your body and senses. Every time I go in I find a new treasure. One of my current favorite shower items is my new Lush shower gel, It’s Raining Men. My dad gave this to me as one of my birthday presents and I can’t get enough! It has the most delectable fragrance, like warm, rich caramel and sweet honey. It also leaves my skin really soft. I’ve tried many Lush soaps and shower gels and, while I love them and continue to buy them, many of their cleansing products leave my skin dry. This one is packed with hydrating ingredients like real honey, lotus flowers and rosehip.

Lush always has really fun descriptions of the products on their website. Here’s the description of It’s Raining Men:

“Check out the weather report, it looks like rain today! Get absolutely soaking wet and lather up armed with one of the finest shower gels you can buy. Our honey hand and body soap became such a huge customer favorite that we just had to create a soothing honey shower gel with the same scent. It smells like toffee-fudge, with refreshing sweet orange and bergamot oils to give it a little extra sweetness. In case of stormy weather ahead we made It’s Raining Men with lotus flowers to soothe your ravaged bodies and oodles of moisturizing, cleansing honey.”

This delicious, dessert-scented gel is the perfect fall shower treat. It leaves skin lightly fragranced as well, which I love!

Have you tried It’s Raining Men?


5 thoughts on “Honey Caramel Scented Showers with Lush It’s Raining Men Shower Gel

  1. That sounds heavenly for fall! Go Stevie! I’m going to have to pick some up at Lush this weekend! I’m in need of a new shower gel! 😊

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