Miracle At-Home Remedy For a Cough: Eucalyptus Oil…On Your Feet!


Ok, so this is not a post about beauty or health food, but getting a good night’s sleep is part of feeling and looking your best so it’s kind of relevant! Either way, this is too awesome not to pass along to you, I guarantee this will come in handy for you one day.

I’ve had a horrible cough for two weeks now and, while it’s finally starting to get better, it does still sometimes keep me (and poor Jon) up at night. I saw on Pinterest yesterday that rubbing Eucalyptus oil on the soles of feet will stop you from coughing and let you sleep. I thought, yeah right. Well last night I woke up coughing in the middle of the night and remembered the trick. I love Eucalyptus oil so of course I had some on hand. Half-asleep, I managed to get a few drops on the soles of my feet and I haphazardly rubbed it in. I immediately layed back down in bed thinking it won’t work and to my surprise, I never coughed again all night. It completely stopped the urge and need to cough. It was absolutely amazing. This is great to know for parents too…when your kids get a nasty cough just do this and they can sleep through the night!  Depending on the c0ugh you may need to reapply every few hours but it does work!

This is my good deed for the week—passing this amazing information on to you lovely Gourmet Beauty readers. You’re welcome! I promise I’ll return to lipstick, perfume and healthy food next week. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Miracle At-Home Remedy For a Cough: Eucalyptus Oil…On Your Feet!

  1. Some people are saying to mix some eucalyptus essential oils to a carrier oil like olive oil. Can u apply eucalyptus essential oils to ur feet without the olive oil. Ur posts doesn’t say anything about olive oil. Thnx. I hope I can sleep tonight. Been coughing most of the day. Thnx. If u could let me know ASAP that would b great;)

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