Happy Things

Happy Friday my lovely Gourmet Beauty Readers!  We head to Vegas tonight to celebrate our friend’s birthday and Jon’s.  Looking forward to a little getaway!  Here are the highlights from my week in pictures.  Some happy things that weren’t pictured:  Having lunch with my mama and making these delightful, cheesy, low-fat potato skins again for dinner.  If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly suggest making them!  Sorry for slacking on recipes lately!  We have been eating out a lot or making things I’ve already shared on the blog.  I promise to post some delicious healthy recipes again soon.  Have a wonderful weekend!

20121011-123242.jpg{It’s Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque!  I get to enjoy this wonderful view on my drive to work every morning, plus a much slower commute time due to major tourist traffic.}


{Sunday was the first chilly day of the season.  Bo and I enjoyed a nice fire.}

20121011-121855.jpg{This Warm Sugar candle from Yankee makes our whole place smell like something wonderful is baking.  Great fall scent.}

20121011-121907.jpg{For Bo’s 10th birthday we took him to a pet store and picked out this little pink pig that oinks.  He is completely obsessed with it and naps snuggled next to it when he isn’t playing with it.  It’s now his favorite toy (followed by the other toy pictured here:  an unbreakable squeaker toy courtesy of my dad..aka the world’s most annoying dog toy!)

20121011-121937.jpg{My dad and I enjoyed some champagne and this delicious plate of gala apples, brie, blue cheese, and gluten-free crackers while he watched football and I blogged–I hate football but I love the food!}

20121011-122043.jpg{Love Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly perfume for fall and winter.  The white musk, sandalwood, white peony and vanilla make for a rich but light fragrance that’s feminine and not overly sweet.  The only VS perfume I can wear.  The others give me headaches—ick.}

20121011-122057.jpg{I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Alandren’s newborn baby, Fletcher, this week.  He is just a few days old and so precious.  Love those little lips!}

What were your happy things this week?


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