Lauryn Evarts Shares Secrets Behind That Gorgeous Beach Goddess Hair

The lovely Lauryn Evarts is back!  You may remember her as my June Beauty of the Month.  I’ve been admiring that AH-MAZING hair of hers and asked Lauryn back to Gourmet Beauty to let us in on how she gets those stunning hippie chic locks.  Enjoy!  And be sure to check out her blog, The Skinny Confidential, follow her on Bloglovin’ and like her page on Facebook!  Her blog is truly one of my faves.  It’s full of fitness tips that are sure to motivate.

**Your hair is gorgeous!  How long did it take to grow out to its current length?**

It is?!  It’s such a mop! I just let it grow and grow and grow, and then grow some more.

**What shampoo & conditioner do you use?**

I use a variety of shampoos.  I like Kerastase, Paul Mitchell, and Extra Volume Moroccanoil. I do this because I don’t want the hair to get used to a certain shampoo. As far as conditioner, I may or may not be obsessed with Lanza conditioner. It’s easy on the hair & works wonders for my rat’s nest.

**Styling products?**

I’m not a big hair stylin’, hair spray lovin’-kinda girl. I am more of a ‘I don’t wash my hair for three days, hippie chic, less is more’ type of person. As Willow Smith says…I whip my hair back and forth. And I do. LOL. I call my hair my mane. BUT I can’t live without my “Wet” Brush ; ).

**Favorite hair product?**

Definitely hair sunscreen.  This Biolage sun shielder gets the job done. I die over product that smells nice. I spray this hair sunscreen in my hair, twice a day, so I my locks don’t get fried.

**How do you keep your  hair healthy?**

Organic coconut oil once a month. I let my hair soak in it. I also do a deep conditioning treatment (with this product) at least twice a month. For more of my hair info, click here.

**How often do you get trims?**

BA!!! Trims? Never. Because who likes that straight across, plain Jane, boring haircut look? Not me. I loveeeeee me some split ends. I do a dust once a year, not a haircut. The hair stylist doesn’t take length off. Weird? I know.

**Do you avoid blow dryers & flat irons?**

I use this blow dryer once a week. I am not a big straight iron girl. My wavy locks make me feel like me : ). Besides super straight hair is pretty boring!

**Any last tips?**

I don’t love perfect hair; let your hair go natural- it’s sexy, sassy, & beautiful.  Also, relax on the haircuts- your hair will grow, don’t wash your hair everyday (I wash mine 2-3 times a week), and stay away from heat. Oh! And try this hair growth vitamin (I am obsessed with one a day!).

18 thoughts on “Lauryn Evarts Shares Secrets Behind That Gorgeous Beach Goddess Hair

  1. I just LOVE her hair! I totally feel her on that 2-3 times a week. I only wash mine 2-3x, but not because I want too. I’m just a dirty Mom. Ha! Does she color it, or is it naturally that perfect color?

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