Happy Things

Happy Friday lovely readers! I hope you all had a wonderful week. A few highlights of my week not pictured below: I finally ate at Thai Vegan with my dad for the first time (seriously amazing food), Gourmet Beauty got the highest number of views yet this week (yay!), and I’ve finally kicked the cold/cough I’ve been nursing since we got back from Hawaii over a month ago. Except now our friends we went to Vegas with have it. Whoops, sorry guys. ūüôā Here are some pictures of other things that brightened my week!

20121025-110610.jpg{Sunday Jon and I spent the afternoon at my mom’s house.¬† They now have a miniature pony, Lilly, and a miniature donkey, Ellie May, and they are the cutest things ever!!!}

{Bo had his friends over for play time.  Bo is on the far left, followed by Maui, Moosh and Pretty.  LOL.}

20121025-110624.jpg{The new Lux Divine necklace I ordered came this week.  Her stuff is so stunning and her hand written notes that come with every order make me smile.}

20121025-110643.jpg{Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile is our bedtime drink of choice.  Love snuggling in with good reading material and hot tea.}

20121025-110654.jpg{Lunch break pedicures¬†are the best!¬† I went with OPI¬†Red this week, the perfect, classic shade of red.¬† If you are in Albuquerque I highly suggest Zen Nail Spa on Osuna & Jefferson.¬† Best nail spot in town.¬† Get the deluxe pedicure, you won’t be sorry!}

{Organic, unrefined coconut oil is seriously the BEST hair treatment.¬† I put it in dry hair from the middle of my head down to ends and throw it up in a bun or pony for at least 30 minutes while it works its magic.¬† Then shampoo out and your’re left with glossy, healthy hair.¬† It’s amazing.¬† I do this at least once a week and my hair is softer and shinier than its ever been!}

20121025-110704.jpg{My friend Paula came over this week and helped me bake some skinny pumpkin cupcakes with pumpkin cream cheese frosting.¬† Recipe coming soon on the blog!¬† Only 121 calories per cupcake and they are delicious!¬† Nail polish I’m wearing is Essie Midnight Cami.}

{It was cooking theme at Bunco this month!¬† It’s always a highlight when I get to see my Devon.}

What brightened your week?


5 thoughts on “Happy Things

    • I know, so cute! Both Devon’s and mine in that pic came from Anthropologie! In the pic with Paula the one I’m wearing is from Williams Sonoma! XO

      • Thanks Taylor! Yes, this week was full of nice moments I managed to document. That donkey is the cutest darn thing with a really docile, sweet personality. The pony on the other hand…lol

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