Happy Things

Happy happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great Halloween week.  We are actually finally celebrating Halloween tonight at a party, but I’ve been enjoying the miniature candies and countless horror movies that are on TV.  Here are some highlights from my week in pictures:

20121101-110201.jpg{Beautiful artwork by my cousin Morgan arrived in the mail.  She’s an incredible artist.}

20121101-110216.jpg{I was way overdue on cleaning my makeup brushes.  Coppola Cabernet made the process more fun.  🙂  Check out my cousin’s excellent and extremely popular tutorial on how to properly clean your makeup brushes here.}

20121101-110225.jpg{Messages like this seriously brighten my whole day life.  If you’re a friend or reader–or both!–I’d love to hear if you are making my recipes.  It makes me so happy.  And if you have any requests for certain recipes just let me know!  Comment or message me, I’ll always reply!}

20121101-110235.jpg{I’m a big fan of LaraBars and just discovered my favorite flavor, Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  I picked this up at Whole Foods and it literally tastes like pineapple cake.  I love that LaraBars are so clean with just 3 or 4 ingredients and nothing processed.}

20121101-110254.jpg{Fun memory of our Vegas trip!  This is my friend Renee and me pretending to be cool with Alfonso, the awesome base guitarist of Evenflow, at Planet Hollywood.  Evenflow is a FANTASTIC rock and country cover band in Vegas.  If you get a chance to check them out, I highly suggest!)

20121101-110302.jpg{Another fantastic memory of our epic Vegas trip.  This is Jon, our friend Nima and me having the time of our lives at The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio.  Our favorite club for sure!}

20121101-110312.jpg{I just discovered Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter at Whole Foods this week and I’m hooked!  It’s perfect with a slice of sprouted grain Ezekial bread.}

20121101-110241.jpg{I bought Taylor Swift’s new album on my iTunes and love it!!!  Besides the never ever getting back together song (annoying!) the album is much more mature than her previous ones.  I’m a  huge fan of hers and this album does not disappoint!}

What brightened your week?


6 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Your such a beauty! That salad looks amazing! And such a lovely comment, it makes my day too! I also love Ezekial bread too, I tried the cereal.. Not as good 🙂 lovely photos! and thank you or your sweet comments xoxo

    • Aww thanks Taylor! That’s sweet of you. 🙂 Yes knowing people are getting something from your blog makes you so happy! Glad you are safe!

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