Happy Things

Happy Friday lovelies! We are finally getting cold weather in Albuquerque this weekend. It’s been in the 70s and I’m soooo ready for boots, fires in our fire-place and cozy sweaters! While I’m sick of the oddly warm weather we’ve been having, I’m so grateful for staying safe and warm during the horrible hurricane that hit the east coast. I’m thinking of everyone that was impacted. I hope you all have hot meals in your bellies and that your loved ones are now safe.

This weekend we are celebrating my dad’s birthday and I’m looking forward to spending quality time with some great friends and family. Here are some highlights of this week in pictures:

20121108-145414.jpg{Starbucks just keeps getting better! They now have cold-pressed fresh juices from Evolution Fresh. I’ve tried the Pineapple Coconut Water and the Orange Carrot Mango juice and loved them both.}

20121108-145427.jpg{Jon and I dressed up as the Jabbawockeez with our friends Renee and Nima and attended a Halloween party at Hotel Parq Central with a big group of friends. Our costumes turned out so great and the night was a blast.}

20121108-145438.jpg{This Maple Pancakes candle makes our place smell like the perfect fall morning. Smells just like pancakes…and maple syrup.}

20121108-150027.jpg{Bo’s cuteness never ceases to make me all warm and fuzzy inside. This was after a much needed bath. He was sunbathing on the back of our sofa like a cat.}

20121108-145508.jpg{I’m really trying to get my hair a few inches longer and my hairdresser girlfriend suggested taking Biotin. I just started this week so we shall see! It’s also supposed to strengthen nails, boost energy and speed up metabolism. My hair used to be about 4 inches longer than it currently is and I need it back! This pretty lady got me really missing my long locks!}


8 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. First of all, tell your Dad I said Happy, Happy Birthday!! Secondly, I love your costumes. Please tell me you have a choreographed routine as well?! 🙂 I cannot get into the coconut water that I’ve tried. The only one I’ve had was from Trader Joe’s and it made me want to hurl. Does this taste better than the typical coconut water on the market? I want to like it so bad because it’s wonderful for you, but the milky taste/texture freaks me out. Oh, and I’m buying that candle! You’re going to make me go broke 😉 Have fun this weekend!!

    • I’m ashamed to say no we didn’t have a dance. We threw it together last minute and didn’t make the time, LOL. The pineapple coconut water has a similar taste as the regular coconut, but the pineapple sweetens it up a bit. It still tastes overall like regular coconut water so you prob won’t like it. They have a lot of flavors to try, including a green juice. If you like he smell of pancakes you will like that candle! Sometimes it’s too strong for me so I blow it out after a little while but the scent itself is so good! I’ll tell my dad happy birthday! Give those twinsies a kiss from their aunty arantha.

  2. Arantha I just bought biotin too! I need anything and everything to boost that metabolism 😉 but I found an awesome lipstick/lip stain you have to try! I got it from lush and I got a bright red but it stays on for hours! I went out for dinner and drinks with friends and it stayed on throughout all of it! You’ll have to try it sometime and let me know what ya think 🙂

    • Hey Lindsey! Yes, Biotin is supposed to be helpful in a lot of departments so we both shall see! I heard Lush has makeup now! Can’t wait to try, I’ll check out that lip stain for sure! Thanks for the tip! I’m a little intimidated by red lipstick. I wear sheer red glosses and stains but straight red frightens me a bit. My goal this holiday season is to wear it at least once. I love it on other people, I’m just a wimp. XO

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