Happy Things

Happy Friday!  I’m so looking forward to sleeping in, trying out some new recipes for my blog and spending time with great friends this weekend.  Some highlights of this week not pictured below:  We saw Skyfall with Jon’s brother and sister-in-law.  Movie was AMAZING and it was so nice spending time with family.  I had a delicious lunch with my mama at Whole Foods, I had a blast at Bunco with my girlfriends and I got to see Devon twice this week.

I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for reading!  And pretty please follow me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!  Thank you!


{Essentials!  Knowing they are there and easily accessible makes me happy.  This is about 1/10 of my gloss and lipstick collection.}


{We are all set for the holidays with these delicious Yankee Candles!  Our place smells amazing. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up with your email address on Yankee’s site and you get coupons emailed to you for Buy 2 Get 2 FREE a lot.  Those deals are only available by signing up!}

20121115-172325.jpg{I’ve been reincorporating kickboxing back into my weekly fitness routine.  It’s such an amazing workout.  If you are in the ABQ area I highly suggest LA Boxing!}

20121115-172335.jpg{I had some gift cards to Lush from my dad and from Jon’s sister-in-law so I had a blast picking out some goodies this week.  I stocked up on my favorite Rock Star soap (prettiest shade of pink and smells like spicy vanilla candy!), Ro’s Argan in-shower Body Conditioner (another favorite–smells divine and leaves skin so soft!), and then went with some stuff I haven’t tried before:  Ocean Salt face & body scrub, American Cream conditioner and Dream Cream body lotion.  I’ll post about these products soon!  Post workout showers are the best and I love leaving kickboxing knowing I get to indulge in all of these treats when I get home!}

20121115-172344.jpg{Obsessed with this new jalapeno spicy beef jerky}

20121115-172852.jpg{I always find my little Bo in various odd positions, LOL.  Such a doll.}

Have a GREAT weekend!


9 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. You keep feeding me new addictions! ahhh!! I just signed up for Yankee Candle emails. Kickboxing sounds so fun! How often do you go? Does it feel like a total body workout? I need to find something fun to keep me engaged. I get bored with workouts easily.

    • LOL sorry! 🙂 I only buy Yankees when I get those coupons b/c they are nearly $30 a piece now! Those deals are amazing and come fairly frequently. Lately I’ve been working out every other day. On days I don’t go to boxing I go to our apartment gym and do 30 minutes of treadmill and 30 minutes of squats, abs, push ups, planks, wall sits etc. So I try to go to KB about twice a week. It’s 100% a full body workout. It’s cardio and muscle toning all packed into one. The hour flies by and its’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. 🙂

      • 30 a piece?!! Ok, I think I’m giving up this addiction before I even started, lol! I’m going to look into kickboxing. I think our gym might have a class. Your class seems pretty intense and specialized. I don’t think ours is quite that on that level. It’s probably the same trainer that teaches Zumba or something. Blah.

      • Yes, they are $26.99 or $27.99 for a large now. But if you use the coupon you get 4 for $60 which isnt bad!! Yes, the boxing classes at the gym typically don’t use gloves and just do the moves. We have the bags and gloves and stuff.

  2. I am glad to see someone with a lipgloss addiction that rivals mine ! MAC and Clarins are my favs! And American Cream conditioner is AMAZING. It smells so so good, it’s not that moisturizing for my dry hair but I still continue to switch between that and a more moisturizing one because I just love the smell. I definitely need to try the other Lush products. I will say be careful with the Ocean Salt scrub, I found it far too harsh on my face but it’s great for body !!

    • Hey Gillian! Thanks for reading! OK, completely agree with you on the Ocean Salt! After feeling the coarse salt chunks there’s no way in hell I’d put that on my face! Way too abrasive. But it is a nice body scrub! I also agree about American Cream! Used it once so far and it smells like a milkshake and your hair keeps the scent in forever! But it is not as hydrating as my dry hair needs. Guess it will last longer since I will probably use it every other shower! You MUST try Ro’s Argan. Seriously the bEST!!!

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