Festive White & Silver Glitter Manicure

glitter mani

I saw the above manicure on Pinterest and it was my inspiration for this festive, glittery look!  I used Essie Blanc, which is a very opaque, bright white polish, and then added the glitter using Essie Set in Stones.

To try this look at home, follow my simple manicure tutorial using any opaque white polish.  Then before applying the top coat get a paper towel and a silver or gold glitter polish (Set in Stones is a silver glitter but the picture from Pinterest used a gold one).

Don’t just brush on the glitter polish like you do with color polishes.  You’ll need to apply a few times to get the desired amount of glitter and all the clear polish you would be putting on will layer up and cause the manicure to lift and chip sooner.  Instead, dab the brush onto the paper towel to get off the excess, then brush onto nail.  Repeat this until you have desired amount of glitter on each nail.  This way, you are getting mostly glitter on the nail and not much clear polish.

Then apply your top coat (I swear my Essie 3-Way Glaze!) and you have a lovely, festive DIY manicure!

Festive Glitter Manicure


12 thoughts on “Festive White & Silver Glitter Manicure

  1. I just used the Set in Stones against the Essie Jazz…also inspired by Pinterest. I love the way the Set in Stones looks against the blanc! I have blanc at home, so will have to try it soon!

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