Happy Things

Happy Friday to you gorgeous readers!  Today I’m guest posting over on NM Wedding Blog!  I was asked to share my picks for winter bridal looks and products to achieve them.  I collaborated with my cousin Rachel and we came up with two really beautiful looks so go check them out!

Here are a few highlights from my week in pictures!

20121213-162619.jpg{I can’t say enough wonderful things about Image Skincare.  My skin was looking a bit dull this week and the minty fresh Total Resurfacing Masque brought it back to life.  I give more details on this amazing product here.  A how-to for my glitter manicure can be found here!}


{Paula and me with the amazing and adorable Meatball Boston Terrier pup.  He has on his little winter sweater in this picture!  I’ve been asked how I curled my hair here, so I’ll share a post soon but I used this tapered 1 1/2-1 inch curling iron (different from the wave wand I did a how-to post on recently).  It’s my go-to iron for every day waves in minutes.}

20121213-162629.jpg{Prada Candy was my fragrance every day this week.  It’s probably my all-time fave scent.}

20121213-162652.jpg{Half a packet of Crystal Light in nonfat Greek yogurt is so delicious!  And Crystal Light now makes a natural one with Stevia!}


{Jon and I had an awesome sushi and Saki bombing night with some of my oldest friends, which our friend Mike generously treated us all to.  Thanks Mikey!}

20121213-162701.jpg{I made this delicious Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken again this week.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite dinners.  Turns out perfect every time!}

20121213-162720.jpg{This picture of Jon and me at my college graduation party in 2007 was my Throwback Thursday picture on Instagram this week!  Time flies!}

Have a wonderful weekend!  XO

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8 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Hey Sis! Just read the NM Wedding blog post. Thank you for all of your support of my spa and for the sweet compliments about my wedding look. You are the best and your blog is absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for being my BFF! See you tonight! xo

    • Thanks Taylor! Yes, I love Image but it’s full of active ingredients, not many natural ones. I know you prefer a more natural approach to skincare. I do as well, except I do use Image masques to give an extra boost.

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