New Sponsor & Another GIVEAWAY!

I’m excited about Gourmet Beauty’s new sponsor, Sent Her Way!  The lovely Bryn Jurkens is the president of Sent Her Way and we went to high school together, so it’s especially fun to support her business! Here are the details on Sent Her Way:

Sent Her Way Logo

Sent Her Way takes the chore of the store out of your routine.  They ship women their monthly supply of feminine hygiene products for only $1 more than you’d pay at your local drugstore! They also allow you to customize your box of tampons by choosing the brand, size and quantity that you want shipped monthly!  Shipping is FREE and they also have the option to have your product shipped every 30, 60, or 90 days!

Um, talk about total convenience.  I’m a Sent Her Way client now and, at just $1 more than buying at the store, why wouldn’t everyone be doing this?!  Here comes the super exciting part!  Sent Her Way is giving one lucky lady a month FREE!  Also, they are giving everyone who enters but doesn’t win a 30% off code!

Here’s how to enter!

**Comment below with your email address–that’s all you have to do!

Winner will be announced on Friday, along with the discount code for anyone else who wants to sign up for this awesome service!

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20 thoughts on “New Sponsor & Another GIVEAWAY!

  1. I have been using the service for 4 months now and I love it! It actually reminds me I’m about to start and then I realize, that’s why I have been so emotional!! haha, but seriously, it’s great, and Bryn is awesome-so suppoert her too!

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