Pink and Gold Shimmer NYE Manicure!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I recently had the honor of being featured on one of my favorite blogs, The Rainy Day Box.  Check out my interview here!

Tonight we are having dinner with some of our best friends at Seasons, one of our favorite local restaurants.  I wanted a soft and feminine manicure that was still festive for this special occasion.  I opted for a soft pink polish with a shimmery gold top coat!

Essie Fiji with Essie As Gold As It Gets

{Essie Fiji and Essie LuxeEffects in As Gold As It Gets}

Step 1:  Apply a base coat (I used Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat)

Step 2:  Wait 2 minutes for base coat to dry, then apply two coats of Essie Fiji (a gorgeous and opaque pale, creamy pink).  Wait 2 minutes between each coat of polish.

Step 3:  I cleaned up cuticles with acetone and a thin brush.  Read more about how I paint my nails like pro here!

Step 4:  I waited 2 minutes for Fiji to dry, then I dabbed As Gold As It Gets on a paper towel to get off excess polish and then brushed it on to each nail.  I repeated this a few times until I achieved the amount of gold flecks I wanted.  Just keep dabbing glitter polish on a paper towel before applying so you get mostly glitter on your nail and very little polish.  Too much of that polish will make your manicure thick and more prone to peeling.

Step 5:  Wait another two minutes to let the gold shimmer dry, apply a top coat (I used Seche Vite) and you have a soft and festive manicure perfect for any special occasion!

Festive Pale Pink and Gold Mani

I’d love to know what you’re sporting on your nails for NYE!

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6 thoughts on “Pink and Gold Shimmer NYE Manicure!

  1. So pretty! I may just have to pick up those colors at work today for another time! Festive, but totally do-able for an everyday look! Happy New Years! Love uou

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