Soft & Shiny Hair with Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment


Ojon Restorative Hair  Treatment leaves hair soft, super shiny and manageable!


Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is an oily balm that strengthens and repairs ravaged hair while adding tons of shine. My friend Renee has been raving about this stuff for a long time, and Jon gave it to me for Christmas. I’ve used it several times now (and it’s in my hair as I write this!) and I can really feel and see a difference after I wash it out.

Ojon Hair Treatment

The main ingredient is Ojon oil, which comes from the nut of the Ohun Tree in the rainforests of Central America. This product is paraben free and is solid at room temperature. The consistency reminds me a lot of coconut oil, which I still swear by as a hair treatment. You scoop out the Ojon treatment, rub it between your palms until it melts into an oil and then distribute all over hair and scalp, focusing heavily on the ends (do this on dry hair, just like coconut oil). Repeat until your entire head is saturated in the product. Throw it up in a bun and let it sit for at least 30 minutes (I try to leave mine in overnight or at least a couple of hours). Then I shampoo out and condition as usual. My hair is left super shiny, soft and manageable.

The only downside of this product is the smell. It has an earthy, smokey, tobacco scent that’s really strong. It doesn’t bother me but it’s definitely not a good fragrance. They have a new version that’s supposed to have a much lighter scent, although I haven’t tried that one.

I would suggest this product for anyone, especially if you like using coconut oil as a hair treatment. The consistency and the results are very similar in my opinion, although the Ojon may be more of an intensive treatment. I’ve been alternating between this and coconut oil at least twice a week to keep my hair super shiny and soft and I still love coconut oil just as much!

You can purchase Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment at Sephora ($19.50 for 1.5 oz or $33 for 3.1 oz).


In addition to Ojon oil the treatment contains palm oil, prunus Africana bark extract, serenoa serrulata fruit extract, lecithin, citronelol, linalool, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid.

Ojon Hair Treatment

Have you tried the Ojon treatment? What hair treatment do you swear by?



8 thoughts on “Soft & Shiny Hair with Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

  1. I’ve actually been wanting to try this out for quite some time now. I appreciate you telling me about the smell, because I am kind of picky about that…but I’m willing to go into Sephora to check it out..(let’s be honest, I’m willing to go into Sephora to check out ANYTHING)

    Kathleen of

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