My 10 Favorite Beauty Products From 2012!

Happy Thursday beauties!  I discovered quite a few fantastic products in 2012 and shared them on Gourmet Beauty, and some of these have become staples that I continue to repurchase.  Here are my top 10 beauty products that I fell in love with in 2012, and I would suggest these gems to everyone!



I love love love this hot pink makeup sponge.  It’s not your average drugstore makeup applicator, I promise.  You dampen it before using and it seamlessly blends your foundation or tinted moisturizer into skin, making it appear as though you aren’t wearing anything.  You’re left with a flawless, natural-looking makeup application.  Read my full post about the Beautyblender here!

Lash Primer

mac prep & prime lash primer

What did I do before lash primer?  My June Beauty of the Month listed it as one of her beauty secrets and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I really like MAC Prep & Prime lash primer.  Using a primer adds a lot of volume and length to the lashes and gives your mascara a fantastic base.  It also conditions lashes and helps prevent flaking.  Read my post about lash primer here!

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

I can’t stop talking about this stuff.  I’m obsessed.  I use it as a body moisturizer, a deep conditioner and sometimes as my nightly face moisturizer.  Oh, and I cook with it.  I keep a jar in my bathroom for beauty purposes and a jar in my kitchen for eating purposes.  If you haven’t jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon yet, get on!  Make sure you get unrefined, that’s the one that has the wonderful coconut fragrance.  Refined has no scent.  I made that mistake once.  You can find it at any grocery, including Trader Joe’s!  Read my full post about how amazing coconut oil is here!

Long Winter Farm Lip Balm

long winter farm lip balm

BEST.  LIP BALM.  EVER.  No seriously.  Buy it here and read my full review on Long Winter Farm here.  My fave scents so far are White Chocolate, Yeti Breath (smells like a lemon coconut snow cone!) and Unicorn Farts (smells like spearmint and cotton candy!).  She has some funny and playful names for her lip balms, clearly!

Prada Candy

prada candy

My favorite perfume of all time!  This sexy, feminine fragrance has notes of caramel and vanilla with just the right amount of edge to it that keeps the scent from being too sweet or headache-y.  Even if you aren’t a sweet perfume fan, get a sample next time you are at Sephora.  I was never a fan of sweet scents either but this stuff is amazing.  Read my full post about Prada Candy here!

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

cerave hydrating cleanser

This cleanser is truly wonderful.  It’s creamy, hydrating, and packed with hyaluronic acid and peptides.  It also melts off my makeup at the end of the day, I don’t need eye makeup remover anymore!  This is the only cleanser I’ve found that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight.  Read my full post about CeraVe here!

Essie 3-Way Glaze

essie 3-way glaze

This  glossy polish is a base coat and top coat in one!  It’s so convenient and it leaves a high-shine finish on your manicure.  I find that it seals in my polish application better than most top coats and it has a great, thin consistency.

Revlon Lip Butter

revlon lip butter

I can’t say enough great things about Revlon Lip Butters.  They have a creamy consistency that actually hydrates lips, a full range of fantastic colors and no scent or flavor.  I have them in tons of shades and always keep one handy.  My favorites are Strawberry Shortcake and Creme Brulee, but I still have more to try!  Pink Truffle is next on my list because Tiffany D loves it, and I LOVE her.  🙂  Read my full post about Revlon Lip Butters here!

Organix Deep Conditioners


Organix makes wonderful hair care, and their deep conditioners are no exception.  My hair is left soft and hydrated after using, and you can’t beat the price.  More expensive deep conditioners (like Aveda, MoroccanOil, Kerestase, etc.) will deliver better results but Organix makes wonderful hair treatments for the price.  I always have one in my shower.  And they have some fantastic fragrances to pick from!  Read more about my love of Organix here!  One thing to note:  Be sure to really ring out as much moisture from your hair as possible before applying any conditioner, especially a deep treatment. It can’t penetrate your hair follicle properly if your hair is sopping wet.

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In

its a 10

I just love this stuff.  I use this after every single shower.  It makes my hair so soft and manageable while detangling and adding shine.  It’s also a heat protectant!  It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it in my opinion.  It also smells so good!  Read my full review on It’s A 10 here!

Ok, and a couple other products I’m obsessed with from this past year: MoroccanOil, the Clarisonic Mia and Argan oil.  So that’s 13…whoops!

What are your favorite 2012 beauty finds? 

20 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Beauty Products From 2012!

  1. These are all fantastic products! I have to say that LWF Lip Balm, It’s a 10, coconut oil, Lip Butter, and BeautyBlender are all 2012 faves, too! Kate Somerville Cytocell is also rated as the best find I’ve found all year. If only I could stomach paying the price! My YonKa serum & LUSH Ultrabalm are also a fav!

  2. They all sound like fabulous products! I’ve defiantly jumped on the coconut oil band wagon and have even got my boyfriend to use it! ;0) I really wanna try the leave in product, as I have very tangled hair after the shower! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Oh love! I live in Wyoming where it literally is winter almost all year long and a good lip blam does not exsist! Definitley going to buy some of that stuff today! Thanks for sharing!

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