Happy Things

TGIF! Yesterday my blog got the highest views yet!  I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking these past few days so I have some wonderful dishes to share with you next week! Here are a few highlights of my this week in pictures:


{Just a few beauty essentials I keep at my desk.  Don’t worry, my purse is bursting with about 35 additional lip colors, hand creams, etc.  These are just emergency items in case I’m too lazy to reach into my purse.}

20130110-122114.jpg{Yankee World Journeys Danish Butter Cookie is one of my absolute favorite candles and I can only find it at TJ Maxx around the holidays.  I got my hands on one this Christmas and am loving the rich, buttery fragrance that fills our home when this is burning.  I got two and gave one to a friend….because I am SUCH a good friend.  Name that movie!}

20130110-122122.jpg{Jon came home with flowers for moi this week.  So sweet.  They are still blooming and becoming prettier every day.}

20130110-122154.jpg{This picture of my dad and me at my 22nd birthday in 2006 was my Throwback Thursday pic this week.  Love him!  And he reads my blog every day…Hi dad!}

20130110-122129.jpg{Just purchased Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Primrose.  It’s a lovely muted pink with a hint of lavender.  Review and swatches coming soon!  I just love finding great drugstore makeup.}

Have a wonderful weekend!


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