Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential Shares Her Top 10 Tips for a Healthy & Fit 2013!

With January basically over, this is the time a lot of the new year’s motivation for a fresh start begins to dwindle.  I asked my favorite fitness blogger to share with us her top 10 tips for making 2013 your healthiest and happiest year yet!  You probably remember the lovely Lauryn from her other features on Gourmet Beauty (here and here) or you may be a reader of her crazy popular blog yourself, The Skinny Confidential!  Either way, I hope the below tips give you some inspiration to take great care of your beautiful self this year.  I know they have motivated me!  I’ve been back at the gym this week (I hadn’t been in weeks—whoops) and eating a very clean diet.  It feels great!  Enjoy!  All photos below are Lauryn’s!

Lauryn-Evarts 2

Hey babes!  I’m Lauryn and I blog over at The Skinny Confidential. When Arantha asks me to put together a list of ways to kick your ass into gear for 2013, I pulled out my scroll.

I mean, there’s so many different ways to incorporate health into your life. Since it’s pretty much the beginning of the year, there’s still plenty of time to set the tone for 2013.

1.} Water

I know you hear this alllllll the time. But question is do you actually drink enough? Probs not. Aim for at least a 1/2 gallon a day. You’ll feel refreshed & hydrated.

2.} Set a freaking goal

I tell myself I am working out for seven days a week. Usually I end up working out five days a week. If you aim for seven you’re bound to get at least four days in.

3.} Use Google calendar

I love scheduling my workout on my phone’s calendar. That way it feel like a set “date.” It’s easier to plan my day when I know exactly what time I’m working out. Think of it as a commitment. You can see my Google cal version here.

Lauryn's scheduled workouts

4.} Tan

If you can’t tone it, tan it. Spray tan at least two times a month. All my secret tips can be found here. You’ll feel better and look better. Unless you’re one of those really hot chicks that is lucky enough to look amazing pale.

5.} Step it up

Take your workouts to a new level. Mix it up. One day do Pilates, the next cardio, then maybe a barre class. Add some strength training into your workouts. You don’t want to plateau ( see here ).


6.} Veggies

 This is so simple: add veggies to every single meal you eat. Eggs for breaky? Add some sliced zucchini to your omelette. Pizza for lunch? Add a handful of arugula to the top of your slice. Chicken for dinner? Throw some tomato slices on your protein. Use broccolini as a substitution for pasta. You don’t need noodles every time. Doing this will make you feel full faster.

7.} Juice it up

I drink a green juice one to two times a day. It flushes my system, makes my nails grow, & keep my hair shiny. I also feel so much more energetic!!!

Suja juices

8.} Coffee & other bad habits

Take your coffee intake down to one to two cups a day. Cigarettes are disgusting and they’re horrible for you. And if you’re drinking alcohol make smarter choices: light wines, champagne, light beers, or skinny margaritas with fresh lemon & lime. Stay away from dark liquor.

9.} Be productive

Get off your ass & move. It doesn’t have to be fitness. Take the dog for a walk, clean your room, play Jenga with a friend, do something. Don’t be a slob.

Lauryn working out

10.} Create habits

This is a new year, a fresh start, and a perfect time to set the tone of your life. Make fitness a habit. Make eating clean a habit. Make getting those endorphins going a habit. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten tips for starting 2013 in a sexy, healthy way! MWAH!



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