Happy Things

Happy Friday to my gorgeous readers!  I am way overdue on this post, so here are some photo highlights from my past two weeks!


{It snowed in Albuquerque and my Bo loved taking a brisk walk in it!}


{Got to see two of my favorite people that I had not seen in a looong time!  Karaoke and beer at the bowling alley with David and Vin!  Look at those handsome devils!}


{Freezing outside of the Hardrock in Cleveland with two of my coworkers!}


{Florida with my Goddaughters, Sadie and Nova!  Spending time with my friend Niki and her beautiful family was definitely the best part of February.  Although Niki and I did not take one decent pic together!}


{Niki and I cooked dinner together for her family every night and she whipped up this mouthwatering roasted chicken one night that was bursting with buttery, lemony flavor.  She puts me to shame in the kitchen.  And she just wings everything so there is no recipe to share.  Boo.}

20130307-162332.jpg{All stocked up on healthy groceries!  Getting back into a routine of fresh produce and clean eating feels so good after traveling for nearly two weeks straight.  I’ll be sharing my Trader Joe’s grocery essentials in a post soon!}

20130307-162340.jpg{Trader Joe’s is alway impressive and their beauty products are fantastic.  The honey mango cream shave and coconut body butter smell absolutely delectable and leave my skin so soft!  Bathroom staples for sure, plus they are so inexpensive!}

Thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful weekend!  XO


6 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Niki has such a gorgeous family! It sounds like you & Niki had the same problem we had. Not one single good picture together. Haha, Boo!!! The Coconut Body Butter really is the yummiest. Can’t wait to hear about your TJ faves!

  2. Happy Friday Arantha! Your goddaughters are beauties!
    The cream shave sounds excellent! I must admit I’ve never been to Trader Joes although terribly want to go, one day! Glad to hear Bo enjoyed the snow!

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