Happy Things

Today is Gourmet Beauty’s 1-year birthday!  Thank you to everyone who reads my blog.  Your support has meant so much to me and it makes me love sharing recipes and beauty obsessions with you.  One of my favorite parts of blogging is reading your lovely comments and hearing about your favorite beauty products and healthy recipes, so keep those coming!

Here are some highlights of my week in pictures!

20130321-165903.jpg{NYX Narcissus lipstick is such a fun spring shade, and it matches perfectly with my Freakin Pink polish from Urban Outfitters!}

20130321-165911.jpg{Jon and I spent an afternoon at Los Poblanos with family.  It’s such a gorgeous farm and the food was so fresh and flavorful.  Can’t wait to go back!}


{A stunning view at Los Poblanos}

20130321-165927.jpg{Bo loves riding in the car with me.  He’s the best driving companion!}


{Beautiful yellow spray roses from Trader Joe’s have brightened up our home and made it feel even more like spring.}

20130321-165941.jpg{My Throwback Thursday pic:  the ticket stub from our first date in May of 2005.  Jon and I saw House of Wax and have been together ever since!  Some may argue otherwise but I think this is a great film.  LOL!}

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you all for reading and supporting Gourmet Beauty!  XO

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