A Peek At My Makeup Collection & How I Organize It

Happy Wednesday!  A few readers have asked me to share how I organize my makeup.  For people who know me personally, “organized” is not a word they would ever use to describe me.  In fact, up until a month ago my makeup was shoved into drawers and overflowing in cabinets and under the sink.  I was recently motived to make all my products more easily accessible and picked up some small countertop drawers from Target.  I also used some votive candle holders to put all my lip glosses in, a mason jar for some beauty tools and Jon’s Anthropologie mug for my brushes (shh don’t tell him).  Now I can see and use all the makeup I own, and I love it!!!  I also have a drawer just for lipstick and lip balm.  Having the glosses upright in the votive holders keeps them from leaking.

Here are pictures of my set up:

my makeup collection!

{My makeup station!  Now getting ready in the morning is fun and easy!}

Lipgloss in candle holders!

{My lipgloss collection in votive candle holders and a few items that don’t fit in the drawers}


{Eye primers and eyeshadow}


{More eyeshadow!}


{My highlighting products—don’t skip highlighter ladies!  It blurs imperfections and makes skin look luminous!}

047{My tinted moisturizer, foundations, powder and concealers}

054{My mascara and eyeliner drawer!  Yes, I do need this many mascaras!}

055{Bronzers and blushes!}

065{A mason jar for my Beauty Blender, lash curler and brush cleaner…leave your Beauty Blender out in a clean area so it can dry after you use it each day.  Since you use it damp—and I suggest washing it after each use!—-it needs to be in a clean dry place so it does not get moldy and gross.  Ew. And that’s my Naked2 Palette next to the jar…it’s too long to fit in my makeup drawers!}

067{Makeup brushes!  More on my brush collection in another post but most of them are by Sigma.  I cannot say enough great things about Sigma brushes….they are just as wonderful as MAC brushes at a FRACTION of the price.  I promise.  Behind the brushes are makeup wipes.  Always nice to keep handy for any mishaps.}

080{Lipstick/lip balm drawer!}


{My perfume collection on a vintage tray that sits on top of my jewelry stand in the bathroom.}

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my makeup collection.  I’d love to know how you organize your makeup!


14 thoughts on “A Peek At My Makeup Collection & How I Organize It

  1. Great ideas! I’ve been looking for a more grown-up way to store my make-up. I still stuff everything into one of those old school caboodles trunks that I stole from my daughter!
    I’m not sure if I saw this in a magazine; but someone had taken one of those glass cookie jars that tilt forward and filled it with nail polishes, it looked really cool aside from being great storage, as you can see all of your colours on display.

    And I just have to say…..you are a lipstick junkie! I could never give myself that may options, it’d take me even longer to get ready!

    • Thanks Alison! I’d love to have a vanity when we get a bigger place and have a prettier set up but for now this totally works. Nothing wrong with a caboodle!!! I’ve been seeing those cookie jars used for beauty items on Pinterest and I love it! Yes, total lipstick junkie…a girl needs options!! ❤ Thanks for reading.

  2. I first saw this in Instagram and I was wondering why they’re was a J on your mug, haha. Loads of lovely products! I use the Muji drawers, I love them. They’re such a pain to clean though.

  3. i have a variety of organizers but i have clear drawer ones similar to yours from the container store, and some other drawer type ones. I also have a good bit of stuff in helmer drawers! loved the peek into your organization!

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