Happy Things

Since I missed last week’s Friday post due to the loss of a close family friend, I’ve included some highlights of the past two weeks in pictures.  It’s been an emotional time recently but there have been some really great moments too.  The person who passed away was such a gentle, kind and inspirational person who helped others, both personally and professionally.  Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her was truly better for it and she’s left me inspired to try every day to be the best friend, daughter and person I can be.  Maya Angelou’s quote below really sums up how I’m trying to live my life:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Remember to spread kindness each day and tell everyone you love how much you do love them because tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  XO

20130412-084015.jpg{Devon and I went ice skating with our boys!  Devon can actually skate so she was doing all kinds of tricks and jumps and spins while the rest of us just tried to get off the wall.  So fun!}

20130412-083954.jpg{I got a much needed facial from my fave spa, Broadway Retreat, and brought home some treats!  Broadway Retreat carries some fantastic brands, including Image Skincare and 100% Pure.  100% Pure’s Honey Almond body cream is a must-have for me.  It smells good enough to eat and leaves skin so soft.  I also picked up their Brightening Night Balm that smells lemony fresh and leaves my skin so nourished.}

20130412-084005.jpg{I love making spa water in the spring and summer with my Prodyne Infusion Pitcher!  My latest flavor combo was lemon mint.  AMAZING!}


{Playtime with Renee!  We wore these fun glasses all night while drinking wine and watching a movie outside on their projector.  Fabulous evening, even though the movie was horrible…if you haven’t seen Gangster Squad yet…don’t.  I know, you’d think it would be amazing.  Ryan Gosling?  Josh Brolin?  Violence and action?  Totally up my alley.  but it was BAD.  You’re welcome.}

20130412-084036.jpg{We made Jon wear the glasses for a while too.  LOL}


{Throwback Thursday picture of the week!  Devon and me in 2006 playing around.  Typical.  And the eye glasses theme was not intentional on this post!}

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for reading!


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