Happy Things

It’s been a great week!  I’ve been hitting the gym regularly, I joined the Tone It Up membership program for healthy recipes and workouts (check out their site!  Tons of great free workouts and recipes too!) and my blog got the highest views ever this week.  I think it’s largely due to this pretty lady.  Here are a few highlights of my week in pics!

20130425-154829.jpg{I went to the grocery store for tonic water and came out with all these.  Whoops.  The polish is L’Oreal Royally Yours–obsessed—and I picked up L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Eternal Sunshine  and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded (totally reminds me of the MAC Paint Pots for a fraction of the cost–love it!).  And the Lip Smackers were a necessity.  My fave flavors!}

20130425-154822.jpg{We have a wonderful park next to where we live now so Bo and I have been enjoying evening walks.}


{Spring beauty essentials for a quick and natural yet radiant look! Benefit Benetint, NARS Copacabana highlighter, Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter and my new fave spring scent, Kai perfume oil!}

20130425-154853.jpg{L’Oreal Royally Yours polish and NYX gloss in Beige.  This gloss is the perfect pink shade and the polish is to die for!}

20130425-160110.jpg{Throwback Thursday pic of the week!  A few of my highschool girlfriends and me in 2007.  Love these ladies!}

Have a wonderful weekend!  XO

5 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Love the polish! It looks like a toned down version of Essie Mint Candy Apple ❤ I've been seeing a lot of people doing the TIU plan on Instagram. What exactly is it– do you follow a program/diet? Do they send you supplements?

    • The polish is a pastel blue, does resemble Mint Candy Apple just a bit! The TIU program is a nutrition guide mainly…tons of awesome recipes and meal plans and cleanses…you pay $150 to become a lifetime member and you get this nutrition guide that’s ovre 100 pages long with awesome info and recipes and excercise guides…then you get daily emails from them with new recipes and workouts and stuff. I am really liking it!

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