Happy Things

TGIF!  Tonight I’m heading to the grand opening of The Stage nightclub at Santa Ana Star Casino with some girlfriends, and then hopefully having a relaxing weekend with no real plans!  Here are some highlights of my week in pictures!

20130502-171307.jpg{Happy hour with girlfriends at Vintage Four Twenty-Three!  Their Moscow Mule cocktail is amazing!}

20130502-171316.jpg{Perfect post-workout meal:  My banana egg protein pancakes with fresh berries and peppered turkey bacon.  Click here for the pancake recipe I use.}

20130502-171323.jpg{Stocked up on some amazing NYX items at Ulta with Rima!}

20130502-171347.jpg{As part of the Tone It Up program I drink a Bombshell Spell each morning and a lemon blueberry protein muffin.  Both are absolutely delicious.  I’ll be sharing the muffin recipe next week and here is the Bombshell Spell recipe—it kickstarts your metabolism each morning and I feel like it gives me a little energy boost too!  Drink it as soon as you wake up every day!}

Bombshell Spell

4 oz all natural pineapple juice

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 tsp honey

juice from 1/4 lime

Mix and pour over ice!

20130502-171403.jpg{Essie Mint Candy Apple was my polish of choice this week…year round this may be my favorite shade of all time.  Perfection.}

20130503-082310.jpg{I spent an evening with my mom at her home in Corrales…love her miniature donkey and pony!}

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