The Beauty Essentials of a Bartender

An awesome nightclub called The Stage opened recently at Santa Ana Star Casino here in New Mexico.  They have some adorable bartenders and I was curious about their favorite beauty essentials for those long nights behind the bar serving drinks.  Alex, the bar supervisor at The Stage, was kind enough to share her must-haves with us that keep her looking fresh and pretty under stress.  Meet Alex!

The Stage Nightclub Bartender Alex

Years Bartending?


What’s  your personal fave drink?

Hendricks and Tonic

Your Favorite Drink to Make?

Bloody Mary

The Stage Nightclub beauty essentials

What are the beauty items you swear by for long nights at work?

**Visine Eye DropsI work full time at The Stage in addition to being a full time student at UNM. These drops are necessary for my tired/dry eyes.

**MAC Skin Finish Natural–lightweight, natural looking powder that can be worn alone or above my foundation.

**Blotting papers–to absorb t-zone shine.

**NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait–the perfect wearable pink that isn’t too sticky or expensive if I lose it at the bar!

**Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream–this product conditions my dry cuticles and also smells great. The packaging is perfect to throw in my bag and won’t leak or melt.

**Carmex lip balmmy essential cure for dry/chapped lips.

**Aleve–my cure for late night headaches.

**Hair ties and bobby pins–hair care on the fly!

**L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara–I throw this on and it’s the easiest way to look more polished if I don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

**Artificial wedding ring–self-explanatory! 😉

Why is The Stage is different from other nightclubs?

The Stage is not just your run of the mill nightclub. We strive to make your experience one to remember. Personal seating from the hostesses, the incredible sound, and the signature drinks on the menu are executed specifically to make sure every guest is satisfied to the best of our ability. The Stage is New Mexico’s little slice of Vegas with the added class that has been absent from the southwest thus far.

Amy tips for getting the bartenders’ attention on a busy night?

There is one key to getting the bartenders attention on a busy night: patience. On busy nights the bartenders are working as fast as possible to make sure everyone is helped in a timely manner but one must remember that physics prevents us from moving faster than the fastest we can. Drinks take time to make correctly and no one appreciates a poorly made drink. Also, it is important to remember to know your order in advance when approaching the bar (including the drinks of the people with you). When you come unprepared the bartender is denying those waiting for the precious time that you waited so patiently for. Remember that when you do place your order that the person making your drinks is still a person; rude behavior is unacceptable. Most of the bartenders in New Mexico are college students or attempting to support a family while making a base pay of $2.13-$5.00, and tipping is essential to maintaining the basic standard of living we all strive for. Respect and appreciation is what every bartender looks for in a customer, just as in most business.


Definitely check out The Stage and say hi to Alex while you’re there!

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