Beauties of the Month: Sakura, Karen & Ali of The Sorority Secrets!

May is extra special because I have THREE gorgeous ladies for you instead of just one!  Meet Sakura Karen & Ali, the stunning girls behind The Sorority Secrets (TSS), a lifestyle blog full of beauty tips, tasty recipes, life advice and much more.  I’ve become a big fan of their blog, which has skyrocketed in popularity since they launched in January of this year.  I knew they would be the perfect trio for my May Beauty interview.  Enjoy!

TSS ladies!

Tell us all about TSS! 

The Sorority Secrets is a lifestyle website for young women everywhere, whether they were in a sorority or not.  We’re like a sisterhood, and a source you can count on for advice.  Our topics range from fashion, beauty, health, and everything in between.

What are you girls up to beyond working on your fabulous blog??

Ali:  I own a custom apparel company called 224 Apparel & Design.  I started it with my fiancé a little over 2 years ago, and we create clothing for a lot of universities/sororities, as well as businesses.  Designing & fashion is my passion! 

Karen:  I absolutely LOVE party planning so I spend a lot of my free time planning and designing the next party! Traveling is another thing you can always find me doing. I always joke and say, “Catch me if you can!”

Sakura:  I’m a freelance Digital Marketing Strategist as well as a Brand Manager and I absolutely love it! I love strategizing to help companies brand and grow their company! Also, just recently I started helping out my dearest friend/business partner of TSS, Ali with her apparel line 224 Apparel.

What are your five beauty products you can’t live without?

{Ali’s fave beauty products!}

Ali's fave beauty products


1.  Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Moisturizer.  It makes my skin glow, and evens out my skin tone like no other.  Plus its lightweight and non-greasy; perfect to wear year round!

2.  Primer is my next step in my beauty routine, and Victoria’s Secret Airbrush FX Face Primer SPF 20 is hands down my favorite.  I’ve tried them all, and this one leaves a velvety smooth finish.

3.  Next is false lashes- they’re a staple for a fun night out!  They add a touch of glam to your eye makeup look.  Andrea lashes in Black #53 are my favorite size because they’re natural enough to add just enough oomph.

4.  For lips, my favorite color is Angel by Mac.  I use both the lipstick and the lipglass; it’s the prettiest shade for natural lips with a hint of pink.

5.  To top it all off is my signature scent- Turquatic by MAC.  Some scents have the ability to bring you to a happy place, and that’s what this one does for me.

{Karen’s fave beauty products!}

karens fave products 4

karen's fave lashes


1.  Starting with my face, I absolutely love Makeup Forever foundation powder-it leaves my skin looking even and matte, just how I like it.

2.  Lilly Lashes have become my “go-to” lashes that I am obsessed with and my favorite are the ones called “LA“.

3.  You can always find Victoria’s Secret lip gloss on my lips and my favorite flavor is Pink Lemonade.

4.  I keep my skin nice and soft with nothing else but Lubriderm.

5.  my favorite toothpaste, Colgate Mint, keeps my teeth glistening white.

{Sakura’s beauty faves!}

sakura coconut oil

sakura bedhead


1: Bed Head SuperStar Blow Dry Serum– I mentioned this as a Founder’s Secret on TSS, but it’s the best serum to add volume your hair!  Check out the post and see why it’s my #1!
2: Revlon Lip Gloss: 130-Pink Whisper– It’s the infamous lip gloss that started TSS. Pink Whisper looks amazing on everyone and anyone! The texture is creamy and not sticky which is my favorite part!  Cannot live without this lip gloss!
3: L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara– I like to stick to the originals- I’m a really, really big lash/mascara girl.  This mascara has stuck around for me since day one when I was 15 and I just can’t part from it!
4: MAC Lipstick-Myth: I love the pretty pink/nude color.  My lips are originally really dark so I like to add one coat of Myth and then apply my Revlon Lip Gloss on top of it!
5: Coconut Oil– we did a post on the different ways to use coconut oil, but I love to use it as a moisturizer!  It gets you glowing and bronze too!  Check out all the ways you can use coconut oil on the site!

Who is your beauty icon? 

Ali: My beauty icon is Coco Rocha.  She is glamorous, edgy, and totally captivating- and I love that she’s Canadian, like me!  Plus, she can pull off a cat eye and bold lip like no other.

Karen:  My beauty icon is Beyonce.  She is bold, fierce, and the epitome of a beautiful woman.

Sakura:  I have a slight obsession with Audrey Hepburn.  She is just so classy, beautiful, and elegant.  I love her era and she can wear anything and make it look phenomenal.

sakura karen and ali

The natural look:  underrated or overrated?

Ali: Underrated!  I think that a lot of people assume that “natural” means “no makeup” which doesn’t have to be the case at all.  The art of natural makeup is creating a look that uses makeup, but that utilizes subtle colors and is applied with a lighter hand.

Karen:  Underrated completely. You would be amazed at how much a nude lipstick, soft blush tones, and a little bit of mascara can make your face standout in a pleasant way. Putting on lots of makeup can be fun at times, but believe me, the boys love a more subdued/subtle look 😉

Sakura:  Absolutely underrated! I’ve always been obsessed the natural look with just a tad bit of mascara, blush, and gloss. By not having on a lot of make up, it allows your eyes to pop out. (true story)

Signature fragrance? 

Ali:  Turquatic by MAC

Karen:   Angel by Thierry Muglier

Sakura:  Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Go-to nail polish shade? 

Ali: Nail polish is my vice!  I collect every shade.  My go-to colors are both from OPI: Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. and Cajun Shrimp.

Karen:  I am a fan of acrylic nails because the nail polish lasts longer. My favorite nail polish brand is OPI and I experiment with just about all of their colors.  My go-to colors from OPI are Bubble Bath and Tutti Frutti Tonga.

Sakura:  Neutral pink- Barefoot in Barcelona is one of my favorites.

sakura karen and ali fashion

Must-have hair product? 

Ali: While it’s not really a product, I can’t live without my Chi straightening iron.  It works wonders to tame frizz, and create beautiful soft waves!

Karen:  In humid weather, I absolutely love MoroccanOil. It keeps your hair feeling silky smooth and tames any wild behavior that may arise with your hair in the humidity.

Sakura:  Bed Head Super Star Blow Dry hair serum– hands down!

Three beauty items you always carry in your purse? 

Ali:  I always carry a small hairbrush, Mac Angel lipglass, and strawberry cupcake hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

Karen:  I always carry Listerine strips, lip gloss, and a mirror to get glammed up!

Sakura:  Lip gloss, blush, and my Beauty Blender to fix up my make up.

Fave cheap beauty product? 

Ali: Lip Smackers!  Strawberry Banana is my favorite flavor.

Karen:  Warm Vanilla Sugar hand lotion by Bath & Body Works!

Sakura:  I’d have to say my Cetaphil face moisturizer! You get a big container for only $10!

karen and ali

Fave pricey beauty product? 

Ali: It’s not too expensive, but I love the sunless bronzing mousse from St. Tropez.  It’s pricier than other sunless tanners, but worth every penny!

Karen:  It’s not really that expensive, but I love the Shiseido Pureness Oil-Blotting Paper. This is heaven sent for those of you with oily skin throughout the day. This is a portable pouch of oil-absorbing, powder-coated sheets that leave your skin refreshed and matte. I never like to reapply makeup on makeup to get rid of the oily look, so this blotting paper REALLY helps.

Sakura:  I have oily skin depending on the time of the year- during those times, for foundation, I like to use Laura Mercier’s Crème Smooth Foundation.  It gives you perfect matte coverage and it acts as a concealer and foundation and it doesn’t leave my skin oily at the end of the day!  It’s $50 and you can get it at Nordstrom.  It may be a bit pricy but it lasts you a long time!

What beauty item is best to splurge on?  Which one do you like to save on? 

Ali: Splurge on your skin.  It’s your canvas, and your skin is always worth the investment.  Save on lip glosses and drugstore brand eyebrow/eyeliner products.  My favorite eyebrow pen (from Milani) works just as well as the expensive ones!

Karen:  Save on items that you can easily get at the drugstore such as mascara and eyebrow liner. My favorite mascara is Maybelline Great Lash (the blackest one) and my favorite eyebrow liner is any dark brown shade made by Maybelline. Definitely splurge on things like your hair and skin! I am really into clip-in extensions and if you get a rich brand, they can last you a long time. My favorite clip-in hair brand is Black Diamond. For my skin, especially on my face, I recommend MAC Comfort Creme to keep your skin smooth.

Sakura:  Your skin is the most important thing to take care of so I say if you’re going to splurge on something it should be anything for your skin!  I have freckles and I don’t want them to get any darker during the summer times so I like to use SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion to apply onto my face after I cleanse before bed! It’s a bit pricy but definitely keeps your face looking bright and glowing!

ali sakura karen

Spring beauty trend you’re loving? 

Ali: Since I love nail polish, I’m loving the pastel nail trends!  Creamy shades (such as Essie Mint Candy Apple) look pretty and fresh.

Karen:   I am really loving all the uses of pastel shades, specifically in mint, pink, and peach. The floral patterns have really caught my attention as well.

Sakura:  My favorite color is mint/teal and I love that it’s coming back every spring for the last couple years! It makes everyone look bronzed and beautiful!

Favorite healthy snack? 

Ali: I love organic baby carrots dipped with hummus from Trader Joe’s.  It satisfies my “chips and dip” cravings, and I love the added crunch from the carrots!

Karen:  BERRIES! I love all kinds of berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries!

Sakura:  I have an obsession with FAGE Greek Yogurt.  I like to just add a bit of honey and it tastes so good.  I don’t eat it just because it’s healthy, I just love it!

Food indulgence? 

Ali: Pizza!  Stuffed crust cheese pizza is totally my guilty pleasure.

Karen: Pizza & candy!  That’s a balanced diet right?!

Sakura: Frozen yogurt, of course.  I love everything about going to get FroYo with your girlfriends to picking out all the flavors and toppings you want! Definitely my guilty pleasure.

Go-to easy, healthy recipe? 

 Ali: I’m not much of a cook, but I love green smoothies.  A few handfuls of spinach, tablespoon of almond butter, half a banana, and topped off with 8oz water and some ice cubes is delicious!

Karen:  Red pepper hummus spread on a wheat pita topped with grilled chicken! Mmm!

Sakura:  I like to sleep as long as I can so breakfast is always a rush for me.  I love oatmeal for breakfast! I like to add cinnamon, raisins, and a bit of milk and it’s done within 2 min! Oatmeal also fills me up so it’s the perfect easy-breakfast!

karen and sakura

You each have such great style!  How would you describe your fashion sense?

Ali:  Thank you!  My style is eclectic; I love both feminine and edgy pieces, especially printed patterns and bold colors.  A floral blouse toughened up with a motto jacket describes me perfectly!

Karen:  Thanks so much for the compliment! My style is best represented by the Kardashians! Sometimes it’s fun and spunky like Khloe’s style, sometimes it’s hipster/bohemian like Kourtney’s style, and other times it is full on classy and sophisticated like Kim’s style.

Sakura:  Definitely cute, simple, and I’d say a bit on the conservative side.  You don’t want to show off too much skin, but just enough to make it cute and sassy! If you’re showing your legs, cover up your arms; if you’re showing off your upper body then cover up your legs!  As Coco said, you have to be classy and fabulous at the same time!

sakura karen and ali 2

Be sure to check out The Sorority Secrets for all the latest on fashion, beauty, food and more!  Also find them on Facebook and Instagram (@thesororitysecrets)!

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