My Fave Sunless Tanners!

The best sunless tanners!

It’s that time of the year again so here are my absolute favorite sunless tanners!  You can check out my post about sunless tanner last year here, as well as my tips for getting an even application here!

Fake Bake Flawless

This stuff is AMAZING.  It comes with a mitt for easy, even application.  The mitt also makes it easy to guard your palms from the tanner and you can lightly apply tanner to your hands with the mitt.  It has a watery thin consistency and a golden brown color guard that washes off in the shower.    It dries almost immediately after applying.  The tan that develops after a few hours is a fantastic natural color.  Fake Bake can also be used on your face.  I like to apply a little vaseline on my elbows, wrists, fingers, knees and ankles before tanning with this so the color does not absorb as heavily in those dry spots and get streaky.  Fake Bake is only $14.95 on Amazon!!!  The sunless tanner scent is not too strong with it but it does have a bit of that odor.  The main reason this is my favorite now is the application process with the mitt.  I know the cult classic St. Tropez mousse has the same mitt application so I want to try that one too!

Image Skincare Body Spa Face & Body Bronzer

Before I discovered Fake Bake this was my absolute favorite tanner.  It’s now a VERY close second.  This lotion goes on clear, has very little scent and gives a wonderful bronze tan after several hours.  Like ALL Image products this is a very high quality formula and it absorbs quickly.  You can buy this on Amazon for $21.40 or stop by Broadway Retreat and pick up a bottle if you are in Albuquerque!

Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Tinted Self-Tan Lotion

This $15 tanning lotion is pretty impressive.  It has a shimmery golden bronze color guard and a nice tropical scent.  The tan develops after several hours and it’s a really nice color.  This does not absorb as quickly as Fake Bake or Image but it’s still a tanner I’ll always go back to.  My lovely cousin Rachel got me hooked on this stuff and other people I’ve told about it have loved it as well!  I do not use this one on my face.

Jergen’s Natural Glow

Natural Glow has been around for years for a reason.  It’s a nearly fool-proof way to get some natural looking color and they just keep improving the formula.  The lotion is creamy and hydrating and the new “odor free” line has a perfume-y smell but it does not smell as much like self-tanner as past formulations.  I do still smell it a little but I don’t mind it at all.  Even though I’m pale I use the one for Medium to Tan skin tones and I would suggest that one to everyone.  I don’t like the lightest shade because it ends up looking more orange and less bronze brown after it develops.  I self-tan once or twice a week with Fake Bake or one of the other products mentioned above and then I use this lotion every day to maintain the color.  It works great!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Perfect legs in a bottle!  This is not a sunless tanner, it’s just leg makeup that washes off (only after a good scrub though).  I used the Light Glow formula over the past few months but I will probably switch to the Medium Glow for the summer since I have some color.  They have 4 shades (light, medium, tan and deep glow) so you are bound to find the perfect one for you.  I love this mostly because it hides any imperfections and makes legs look truly flawless.  Just be sure to apply this before you get dressed.  It dries really quickly but if you get it on your clothes they are ruined.  It does NOT wash out (I learned this last summer with my fave Gap summer dress…I’m still sad about it!).

What are your fave sunless tanners??


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