Happy Things

TGIF!  This weekend I’m looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day and hopefully enjoying some much needed rain!  Then we are off to Vegas with some close friends on Monday!  Cannot WAIT!  Here are some highlights of my week!

20130614-084634.jpg{I spent Saturday with my mom and all her sweet animals, particularly the little miniature donkey, Ellie May.  She’s such a doll!}

20130614-084648.jpg{Bo and his girlfriend Moosh enjoying a nap}

20130614-084655.jpg{I can’t get enough of my new light pink J. Crew ballet flats my dad found for me at 2 Time Couture for less than $30!!!  What a steal.}

20130614-084716.jpg{Fresh raspberries with a little stevia sprinkled on top are my favorite summer treat!}

20130614-084724.jpg{I’m back to drinking a Bombshell Spell in the morning!  I’ve mentioned this before…it’s a metabolism drink from Tone It Up and it’s delicious!}

Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!  Thank you for reading!  XO

2 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. VEGAS!!!! Ps… I ❤ your dad! Only awesome dads find awesome shoes for their daughters.
    See you early Monday morn!

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