Happy Things

Hi beauties!  We have had the most perfect weather this week.  Some great rainstorms have brought cooler temperatures and light breezes.  I really hate the heat so this has been a major relief to me!  This weekend I’m looking forward to double date night with some close friends, celebrating my mama’s birthday and seeing the Conjuring!!!!  Anyone else rushing out to see that this weekend?

Here are some snapshots of my life lately.  Thanks for reading, XO!

20130719-083210.jpg{When I’m craving pizza but I don’t want to indulge I top an Ezekial tortilla with marinara, mozzarella, parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and red chili flakes, pop it in the oven for about 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees and then pile on some fresh arugula and a squeeze of lemon juice!  And if you have any truffle salt, definitely sprinkle some on!  And if you don’t have any truffle salt, go buy some immediately!}

20130719-083220.jpg{My boys snuggling on a lazy sunday. This is a regular occurance.}

20130719-083228.jpg{Finally tried the Bath & Body Works candles–I usually buy only Yankee–I’m officially hooked on these B &BW candles.  The fragrances are really true to the descriptions and they scent up our entire apartment.  I stocked up during the semi-annual sale when they were $10 each, as opposed to $20.  I would never spend $20 on them but I will always stock up with they are on sale!}

20130719-083235.jpg{The Vanilla Mint Lip Shine from Bath & Body Works was another Semi-Annual Sale item and I can’t get enough.  Hydrates like a lip balm, shines like a gloss and smells like frosting.}

20130719-083243.jpg{Coffee with almond milk, cinnamon and stevia is a great way to start my morning.  And the gorgeous Anthropologie mug makes it taste even better!}

20130719-083250.jpg{Homemade peach margaritas by my friend Pala!  1 package of frozen sliced peaches (16 oz), 3/4 silver tequila, 1/4 cup triple sec, 1/4 cup agave nectar, 1/4 cup fresh lime juice and half a corona.  Blend up and serve!  Soooo delicious!!!}

20130719-083339.jpg{NYX lip gloss in Sugar Pie is such a gorgeous shimmery nude gloss.  Polish is Essie Fiji.}

20130719-083259.jpg{Bo’s happy place.}

4 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. I can’t wait to see The Conjuring, it looks so scary! The last really scary movie I saw was Sinister so I hope this measures up. The B&Body Candles are a favorite of mine. The Summer Boardwalk one smelled too much like popcorn for me but the others are all YUMMY. I will have to try that pizza craving solution, it looks good.

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