Happy Things

Happy Friday lovely readers!  This week has been full of catch up after my Portland vacay.  This weekend I’m looking forward to a much needed facial at my fave spa, a baby shower and a lot of rest.  Here are some highlights of my Portland trip!  XO

20130816-083609.jpg{Shay had chilled champs with pomegranate seeds waiting for me when I got off the plane!}

20130816-083616.jpg{A delicious and healthy brunch at Papa Haydn:  fruit & tomato salad with arugula and jalapenos and a side of French onion soup!}

20130816-083631.jpg{Getting ready for the Bite of Oregon festival.  We are both wearing NYX Eros lipstick.}

20130816-083640.jpg{Tomato orange soup & grilled cheese at Elephants Delicatessen.}

20130816-083648.jpg{Shay and I spent a gorgeous afternoon at the Portland Rose Gardens.  The fragrance of the garden was incredible and the roses were stunning!}

20130816-083715.jpg{Live music at Marble Brewery with coworkers.  The band was Todo Mundo…absolutely amazing music.}

Have a wonderful weekend beauties!

Thanks for your feedback, gorgeous!

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