Beauty of the Month: Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion

Hi…remember me???? I’m back finally with the lovely Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion.  PPF has become one of my absolute favorite blogs.  Her super fashionable and budget-friendly site gives me my daily dose of chic clothing and beauty tips, plus she’s a total nail polish addict like moi and an absolute doll.  Read on to hear all about her beauty essentials and fashion tips and be sure to check out her addicting blog!

kimberly ppf 2

Tell us about your fabulous self!

I’m a wife (just celebrated 13 years together!) and mom of 2 (daughter – 9; son – 5).  I get the privilege of staying home with my kids and working full-time on Penny Pincher Fashion.  I have an ongoing campaign with Old Navy, was featured in this month’s (& next month’s too!) issue of Lucky Magazine and I hosted a Facebook chat with Almay in mid-August.

What are your five beauty products you can’t live without?

1.  Almay Eye-Makeup Remover Pads – they work better than anything else I’ve tried and they are moisturizing without being too oily.

fave products almay

2.  CeraVe Face Lotion – my dermatologist got me hooked on this brand.  I use the am formula in the morning & the pm formula before bed – my skin has never been clearer or better moisturized.

fave products cerave

3.  Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion – applied around the edges of your lips, it keeps lipsticks & glosses from bleeding or feathering…truly a miracle product!

fave products paula dorf

4.  Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – my eyelashes are straight & stubborn, but this tool coaxes them into a natural looking curl without crimping.

fave products shu lash curler

5.  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – with two kids, this is an absolute must for me!  It dries my nails in minutes and stays glossy for days.

fave products seche vite

Beauty icon? 

I grew up watching old movies & Grace Kelly was one of my favorites from that period – she was a natural beauty and the epitome of style & class.

The natural look:  underrated or overrated? 

Underrated.  I see so many young girls that are masking their beauty with too much product.  With the exception of a great smokey eye or bold lip, I usually think that natural makeup is the prettiest.

kimberly ppf 5

Signature fragrance? 

 Juicy Viva La Juicy – it works for day or night and isn’t overpowering.

Lipstick or gloss? 

Can I just say both?   Actually, right now I’m obsessed with Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains – because they have a semi-glossy finish but they are highly pigmented & stay on forever!  All of the shades are great, but my favorites are Rendezvous, Sweetheart & Cherish.

Go-to polish shade? 

Essie California Coral – the perfect mix of orange & red and goes with practically everything.

kimberly ppf 7

If you could only wear one cosmetic item, what would it be?

Mascara – my eyelashes are really light & practically invisible without it, so I always wear 2 coats to bring out my blue eyes.

Best cheap beauty product? 

Almay CC Cream – I did a photo shoot with Lucky Magazine in NYC and they used it on me…I’ve been hooked ever since.

Beauty product that’s worth the splurge? 

Smashbox Primer – it isn’t cheap, but it works the best for my skin & really helps my makeup stay put…definitely worth the money!

kimberly ppf 12

I love your colorful, elegant fashion sense.  How would you describe your style? 

Classic & feminine – sometimes I gravitate towards menswear too, but usually everything I wear is very tailored.

What are the best clothing items to save on?  What’s worth the investment?

Save on t-shirts & accessories (scarves, costume jewelry, hats).  Splurge on comfortable heels, a leather bag & jeans that won’t stretch out after one wear.

5 pieces every woman should have in her closet?

White button-down, great-fitting jeans, tailored blazer, classic pumps (nude or black) & a dress that makes you feel amazing (any color).

kimberly ppf 11

Best fashion advice? 

Know what works best for you – trends will come & go, but don’t feel like you have to try them all.  If it doesn’t look good on your frame/build, then take a pass.  Perfect example: Peplums are great on me because I have a longer torso and am slightly pear-shaped.  But, wedge sneakers cut off the line of my leg and are not flattering.

Favorite place to shop?

So hard to pick one!  These days I’m really liking Mango, J. Crew & Zara.

PPF has quite the following!  Any blogging tips?

Persistence.  My site was not an overnight sensation – it took time and dedication to build a following…but ultimately, I think everyone loves getting a good deal and I try to help people find the things they want for less.  I also have a rule that I respond to every single email, tweet, FB message, etc.  I would rather be known for being kind than for having a hugely successful blog.  By far the best part about blogging is the community – there are so many lifelong friends that I’ve made because of my site and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

kimberly ppf 10


I hope you enjoyed my interview with the beautiful and sweet Kimberly!  Check out her blog and you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter!

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