Happy Things

Hi Beauties!  Sorry the lack of posts lately…I’ve been out of town and just super busy.  We’ve had some chilly, snowy weather here in Albuquerque this week…I’m so ready for spring!  Here are a few happy moments over the last couple of weeks.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

20140207-121904.jpg{My skin has been a WRECK lately…I’ve had some chin breakouts that are ruining my life and taking WEEKS to go away.  EW.  The Aztec Secret clay mask and June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque have been lifesavers.}

20140207-121926.jpg{I spent a few wonderful days in Austin to see my friend Niki and my precious goddaughters.  We had a fun night out on West 6th.  This was at The Dogwood.}

20140207-121937.jpg{Lilly, Nova Lynn and Sadie.  So adorable!}

20140207-122707.jpg{A gourmet dinner that Niki’s dad whipped up for us…almond crusted salmon and Spinach Provencale.}

20140207-122011.jpg{Bedtime dance parties with my favorite little ladies!}

20140207-122001.jpg{Airport necessities!}

Have a lovely weekend.  XO

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