New Haircare Faves!

So I know I did a post just recently sharing some haircare favorites (see that one here), but I’m a product junkie and my favorites change a lot. I still love the products mentioned in that post and would suggest … Continue reading

Happy Things

Yay for Fridays!  Here are a few highlights of my week in pictures: {Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of a great friend.  We had such a good time that my dress split down the back. Luckily the birthday girl had a … Continue reading

Happy Things

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a long holiday weekend filled with reading, relaxing, friends and getting ready for our upcoming Hawaii family vacation! We leave early next week for Oahu with Jon’s family and we are so looking forward to a tropical getaway! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you’re attending any BBQs I would highly suggest bringing my tequila soaked watermelon wedges with you. They are easy and will instantly make you the life of the party. 🙂 Here are the highlights of my week in pictures!

{The Marriott resort in Oahu that we will be staying at next week!}

20120830-112253.jpg{Philosophy Amazing Grace perfume was my go-to scent this week. After my August Beauty listed that in her top 5 beauty essentials I pulled it out of my medicine cabinet and now I remember how wonderful it is. LOVE this scent.}

20120830-112301.jpg{Pinot Noir and Call of Duty on Xbox Live with Jon was a great way to spend an evening. Yes, I play video games. I’m actually pretty good!}

20120830-112309.jpg{Crab legs were definitely my favorite meal this week! We had a date night at Pelicans, one of our favorite spots, and I ordered my usual crab legs with steamed vegetables instead of rice. Little modifications like that make it possible to eat healthy at restaurants. I also use mostly fresh lemon juice on the crab instead of drenching it in butter. It still tastes heavenly, I swear.}

20120830-112316.jpg{MAC Snob was my lipstick of choice this week. This is probably my favorite shade of all time next to Creme Cup. I need a new tube, clearly.}

20120830-112325.jpg{My blogging friend Kayla from Peace Love and Glitter tagged me on Instagram to share my top 3 skincare essentials. These are CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream and Argan Oil}

20120830-112332.jpg{I read an interview with Essie Weingarten, creator of Essie polish, on Into the Gloss, and she mentioned that applying one coat of Essie Marshmallow with one coat of Ballet Slippers gives a beautiful color. I tried this but it was a bit streaky so I added a final coat of Marshmallow to get the opaque look. Love it. This is actually what the Vogue girls are said to wear from The Devil Wears Prada. I posted recently that Ballet Slippers with Mademoiselle is the Vogue color but that is actually Essie’s favorite combination. I’ve corrected this information on the previous post…clearly this is very serious so I need to get it right. LOL }

20120830-112341.jpg{I’ve been putting a few drops of Aveda’s Lavender Fleurs essential oil on our pillows at night. It really helps with sleeping and relaxation. It feels like a treat to have lavender scented pillows.}

20120830-130608.jpg{I read recently that applying a thin coat of top coat each day after a manicure will help keep chips at bay and prolong the life of your manicure. I just bought Essie 3-Way Glaze and tried this trick with this week’s polish application and it really works! My nails always chip within 1 day of painting my own nails, even with the best base and top coats, so I was really surprised that this finally worked for me! I just keep the top coat in my purse…it takes about 15 seconds to do each day and it dries quickly!}

What made your week great?

4 Home Remedies for Sunburns

The dreaded sunburn. Some of us are so careful and smart about sunscreen (me especially) and still end up getting burned every once in a while. Now that the heat has arrived and pool days are a regular way to spend my weekends, I wanted to share some home remedies that have helped soothe my sunburns in the past:

1. Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

I have a huge aloe plant in our bedroom and nothing soothes a sunburn like slathering on gel fresh from the plant. I just cut off a leaf, slit it open and rub it all over the burn. We also have a store-bought bottle of aloe that contains menthol. While that stuff is great, I find the fresh gel much more soothing and cooling. Plus it’s free! Aloe gel contains anti-inflammatory substances and actually helps heals the burn while cooling and alleviating some of the pain.

2. Cold, Plain Yogurt

Yogurt contains acids and enzymes that can help heal and soothe a sunburn. Just apply cold yogurt to the burn and leave it until the yogurt has dried. Rinse it off with cool water and repeat if desired. You can also add aloe gel to your yogurt before applying for added relief.

3. Cool Bath with Baking Soda

Run a cool bath and add several heaping tablespoons of baking soda. Soak for 10-20 minutes. If you soak longer you will end up drying your skin out further. The baking soda and cool water soothe the hot skin and provide temporary pain relief.

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil can be safely applied to skin without diluting it. It will help heal the burn and also soothe the sting quickly. The pleasant and calming aroma is an added bonus. I use Aveda’s lavender essential oil and it’s amazing.

What are your favorite remedies for a sunburn?

Perfect Spring Lips: My Favorite Bright Pink Lip Colors

My go-to lip color is normally a muted, pale pink that goes with anything. I typically like to wear eye makeup that’s on the darker side so a light lip balances this out.

Now that the warm weather has arrived, I prefer a beauty routine that’s more low maintenance. I’ve been wearing a light, shimmery eyeshadow (like this and this), a touch of bronzer and a sheer, bright pink lip color. It makes for a perfect spring/summer look that takes only minutes to put together. Here are my favorite bright pink lip colors I’ve been using regularly this spring:

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

This is currently my daily lip color. It’s bright enough to make your lips pop and sheer enough to wear to the office and apply easily without a mirror. It’s a juicy watermelon cream shade with no shimmer. The Revlon Lip Butters have no scent, which I really like.

Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Pink Lotus

This is a gorgeous blue-based bright pink gloss that’s fully pigmented like a lipstick. It’s perfect for going out because it goes on easily and leaves your lips super shiny and pink.

Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen in Loud Mouth

This lip pen is adorable, it smells good and the color is a bright rosy pink. The color pigment is intense and it wears like a lipstick. I’ll dab this on lightly for a wearable daytime color and apply more heavily at night.

Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in Persian Melon

My favorite blogger, Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere, loves this lipstick. She lists it as one of her favorite items here. This is a great lip color for going out. It’s a gorgeous hot pink cream with no shimmer, which is ideal. I prefer a lip color with no shimmer when a color is this bright. I recently purchased it and absolutely love the color. It’s definitely a fantastic drugstore lipstick and should be added to this list!

What are your favorite lip products for spring?

Put Your Fresh Foot Forward!

With the arrival of spring, having clean, soft and polished feet is very important. Here are my favorite products to get feet that are ready to be exposed!

Lush Volcano



This product is amazing. Actually, anything by Lush is amazing but I’ll get to that in my future posts. Volcano is a foot mask that I use weekly. You apply it to clean dry feet and then wrap them in Saran Wrap or, in my case, plastic grocery bags because we are out of Saran Wrap. As long as you seal up your feet somehow the mask will work wonders. Leave your feet wrapped up for 10-20 minutes. You will feel a tingling sensation as it gets to work on deodorizing and sloughing off dead skin. The concoction of cinnamon, kaolin, pumice, tomato, papaya, potato and lemon oil draws out dirt and leaves feet clean and smooth. The product’s smell is a bit strange but you get used to it.  Buy it here.

Aveda Foot Relief


This is by far the best foot cream I have come across. The mix of plant-derived oils and exfoliating fruit acids deeply moisturizes your feet and smells fantastic. Go get it. Now. You won’t be sorry.

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter


This addicting little jar of fragrant butter does wonders for your hands and feet. I apply this to my heels, in between my toes, my cuticles and nail beds on both my hands and feet and on my elbows. It melts into your skin and smells divine. It is packed full of shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil and fresh lemons. A little goes a long way, which is another reason this is worth the purchase.

Nail Polish

No home foot treatment is complete without a polish application, especially in the warmer months! Here are some polishes I am currently loving for spring:

Essie Too Too Hot-a rich red coral


Essie Pansy-a tropical hot pink cream


Essie Nice is Nice-a muted pastel lilac