Happy Things

Happy Friday lovelies! I’m looking forward to seeing some close friends and family this weekend and staying inside where there’s air conditioning.  And Sunday is extra special because True Blood AND Dexter are on.  YAY!  Have a wonderful weekend! {Jon and … Continue reading

Happy Things

TGIF! The Lux Divine giveaway ends at 5 pm Mountain today, so go enter if you haven’t already! I hope everyone had a great week. Here are a few highlights of mine in pictures: {I spent Saturday with girlfriends. We … Continue reading

Happy Things

Happy happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great Halloween week.  We are actually finally celebrating Halloween tonight at a party, but I’ve been enjoying the miniature candies and countless horror movies that are on TV.  Here are some highlights from … Continue reading

Happy Things

Happy Friday! We are still recovering from our wild weekend in Vegas. Now that I’m in my late 20’s I just don’t recover as quickly as I used to. We all came home with aching bodies, throbbing heads and exhaustion. … Continue reading

Perfect Fall Lip Color: Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Sugar Berry

When it comes to lip color I typically stick with my nudes and my light, medium and bright pinks year round.  While I admire the rich plum, burgundy and reds some women wear in the fall and winter I rarely think … Continue reading

Happy Things

It’s Friday! I cannot wait to veg out tonight and then spend Saturday with my friend Paula for her birthday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Have you entered my giveaway yet for a Lux Divine handmade turquoise cuff? The giveaway runs through Tuesday so don’t miss out. I’m totally obsessed with mine and I think you need one too! Here are a few things that brought me happiness this week in pictures:

20120809-145258.jpg{These two. My favorite boys absolutely adore each other and share adorable moments like this all the time.}

20120809-145310.jpg{After seeing this dress featured on Poor Little It Girl, I just had to have it. Luckily Gap was giving 30% off all full-priced items that day. Score!}

20120809-145317.jpg{I found this mirror buried in the back of a closet this week and decided it would make the perfect glamorous necklace holder for our master bath. I got this at TJ Maxx a few years ago for $20.}

20120809-145341.jpg{A large group of us went to the Gavin Degraw and Colbie Caillat concert at the zoo this week. Between awesome company, delicious food and fantastic music it was a really great night.}

20120809-145349.jpg{Found this picture of my Pi Phi sorority sisters and me on our 2006 Vegas trip. Our feet were blistered and literally bleeding (I seriously still have a scar on my foot from the deepest blister!) from a long night of dancing the night away in cheap heels so we made a foot bath and ended up playing around in here for quite a while. Such a wonderful trip, Love you girls!}

What brought you happiness this week?

Lush Shower Jelly in Woosh


Lush Shower Jellies are a really fun and fragrant way to get clean in the shower! They are a jello substance and come in a variety of scents. My first jelly was their “Joy of Jelly” that smelled like jasmine. I bought a large container of it and still have about half of it left. I loved that one so much and it was discontinued so I picked up a small container of Woosh during my recent Vegas trip (check out details on the rest of my Vegas Lush haul here!).

I love this one just as much as the jasmine jelly. Woosh is scented with lemon, lime, grapefruit, rosemary and geranium so it’s extremely invigorating and uplifting for a morning shower. It’s also a gorgeous sapphire blue color. It leaves my skin extremely soft and fresh smelling, just like the jasmine jelly does.

One of my favorite thing about the jellies is their texture. I like to cut mine into little squares for individual use because a little goes a long way. You can use a piece by wetting it and lathering it all over your body but it gets slippery and I constantly have to bend down and pick up the flying jelly off the tub floor every few seconds. Instead, I like to put a small square or two in my body pouf, wet it and crush the squares in until it lathers up. Then you get a really sudsy application. The container also suggests to keep it in the fridge or freezer during the summer so you get a refreshing jolt when you shower with a piece.

Lush tends to be on the pricier side since they use pure ingredients and are all hand-made but the jellies are a really good value. The small container I picked up was only $5.95 and will last me quite a while when I cut it up. They also double as a shampoo, although I’ve never used it as one.

They currently only have two jellies right now, Woosh and Sweetie Pie, which is supposed to smell like blackcurrant and sour cherry. They have a holiday one that’s available only during the season called Jilted Elf. I highly suggest picking up a container of your preferred scent and slicing it up!


Have you tried any of the Lush Shower Jellies?

Vegas Lush Haul!


Jon and I spent last weekend in Vegas for our anniversary.  The very first thing I did was make a beeline to the only Lush store on the strip.  I dragged Jon in a cab from the our hotel (the Encore) to Mandalay Bay to stock up at my favorite bath and body store EVER.  While I was there I learned some of the most exciting news I’ve received in a loooong time….Lush is finally coming to Albuquerque!!!  They plan on opening a store before the end of the year.  I was practically doing cartwheels around the store when they told me this!

Once I calmed down, I stocked up on some of my Lush faves and also purchased a few items I haven’t tried before.  Here are the details on the goodies I picked up:


Butterball Bath Bomb:  This bath bomb is one of my favorites and I picked up two.  It’s a great buy at only $4.95 and it’s full of pure cocoa butter to soften skin.  I’t also deliciously fragranced with vanilla musk and ylang ylang, making a vanilla custard scent that’s good enough to eat.  This bomb leaves skin ridiculously soft and hydrated.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb:  This is the most fragrant bath bomb I’ve ever used from Lush.  It smells of jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang and the gorgeous scent fills up the whole bathroom and lingers on skin. I can still smell it on my skin the morning after I use this.  I only use this one when I have time for a long bath so I can really enjoy the scent and the gorgeous pink and purple color.

Twilight Bath Bomb:  This is one of the most relaxing and soothing bath bombs I’ve ever used.  It’s full of lavender, ylang ylang and ovaltine to lull you to sleep.  It also colors the water a beautiful pinkish purple.

French Kiss Bubble Bar:  This bubble bar fills your tub with romantic and soothing bubbles, scented with lavender, rosemary and thyme.  I get two baths out of this bar.  Pieces of dried lavender float around in the tub, which I really like.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner:  This is one of the most indulgent and delicious bath treats I’ve tried in a long time.  It’s a fancy in-shower body lotion and it leaves skin perfumed with an angelic and delicious scent of roses and shea butter.  It’s extremely hydrating due to all the Argan oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil.  After the Lush salesperson gave me a hand and arm treatment with this stuff I was sold.  This will definitely become one of Lush must-haves.

Honey Trap Lip Balm:  This is the 4th tin I’ve purchased.  This is by far one of the best balms I’ve ever used.  It smells and feels like delicious frosting but it doesn’t taste sweet, which I love.  It’s full of real honey, white chocolate, peppermint, sweet orange, almond oil and beeswax.  It’s ultra hydrating and addictive.  Anyone who tries my Honey Trap lip balm raves about it.

Happy Blooming Cherry Bath Melt:  I’ve tried the Dream Time and You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melts before and fell in love.  The Lush person that was helping me suggested I try this cherry melt.  Lush bath melts are for hydrating and softening skin and this one is full of cocoa butter and scented with cherry, passion fruit and ylang ylang.  The melt also breaks up into three pieces so it’s a good buy and allows for three separate baths.

No Drought Dry Shampoo:  I normally use a dry shampoo in an aerosol can and it’s gone before I know it.  This product is in powder form so it will last forever.  It’s full of grapefruit and lime oil so it smells really fresh and uplifting.  It also does a great job of sprucing up hair in a pinch.


Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar: I’ve tried this before and LOVED it.  It actually comes with two halves bound together by a coconut oil “jam” so you get two baths out of this bar.  I used one half in Vegas because we had an awesome tub in our suite so there’s only the other half left in the picture above.  This bar smells so uplifting and cheerful with orange and lime oils.  It also turns the water a lovely emerald green.

Karma Bubble Bar:  Karma is Lush’s signature scent and I’ve never tried this bar so I definitely wanted to pick one up.  Karma smells of patchouli and lemongrass.  I’m not usually a fan of patchouli but it smells really refreshing and clean in the bubble bar.  This bar is large so you can get at least two baths out of it.

Whoosh Shower Jelly:  Lush’s shower jellies are so fun.  I’m doing a separate post on this product by itself next week so keep an eye out for that!

Sea Vegetable Soap and Demon In The Dark Soap: I wanted to treat Jon to something since he was such a good sport by going with me and letting me shove various products in his face for his opinion on the scents.  He picked out Sea Vegetable Soap and Demon In The Dark Soap.  Sea Vegetable is scented with  lime, seaweed and lavender, and it’s topped with a crust of  sea salt for exfoliation.

Demon In The Dark is scented with peppermint, spearmint and green apple.  It cools and cleanses and smells really fresh.

The people at Lush were kind enough to send us home with free samples of Dirty Springwash and It’s Raining Men shower gels.  Dirty Springwash is an invigorating blue gel that smells of spearmint, menthol and sea salt.  It’s Raining Men is a delicious honey and caramel scented gel.  I definitely want to pick up a full-sized bottle of this next.